Craftsman E410 Lawn Edger review

This gas Craftsman E410 edger is best for anyone who needs more choice with their cutting heights.

Craftsman E410 Lawn Edger review
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The Craftsman E410 is ideal for those who need more power and more choice when it comes to cutting depths, though there are some user complaints about ease of use.


  • +

    Six cutting positions

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    Powerful and quiet


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    Some users say it's difficult to start

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The Craftsman E410 is a gas-powered model that is extremely adjustable, thanks to its six different cutting heights. Due to the way it is powered, the E410 is more powerful than electric alternatives, with a 30cc, four-cycle engine. That makes it well suited to larger lawns that might not suit the shorter run times of electric edgers. 

Another element of the Craftsman E410 is that it’s mounted to a steel frame, which makes it easier to maneuver, as you can just walk it around. Like many of the best lawn edgers, its cordless quality means that it can get to even the most hidden corner of your garden for a quick tidy up. 

Craftsman E410 Lawn Edger review: Features 

There’s no doubt that the features of the Craftsman E410 go further than handheld models, such as the TORO 51831T. That’s unsurprising given that this gas model will be much better suited to larger gardens rather than small or medium-sized outside spaces. 

In order to deal with this larger space, the Craftsman E410 has a nine-inch dual-tipped steel blade, enabling you to get your lawn looking pristine. It will also enable you to cut a clean edge along driveways or sidewalks for a refined look. 

Craftsman E410 Key Specs:

Number of depth adjustments: 6

Weight: 25lbs

Engine Displacement: 30

Engine Type: 4-cycle

Blade length: 9 inches

When it comes to power, the 30cc, 4-cycle engine of this model is designed to be cleaner, in order to help keep the noise down. Alongside that, the 4-cycle engine means there’s no mixing of gas and oil within the engine, so things should run smoothly. The edger itself can be moved into six different positions in order for you to neaten up any patch within your garden that needs attention, no matter the length of the grass. 

Craftsman E410 review: A person uses it against a walkway

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The Craftsman E410 also has an advanced two-step system for starting, which the brand calls the ‘prime and pull’. User reviews are mixed as to whether this is a helpful feature, with some saying it made the edger difficult to operate. However, there are positives in the fully molded ergonomic handle design and handle-mounted throttle for easy operation. 

In terms of ensuring peace of mind with your purchase, the Craftsman E410 has a two-year limited warranty from the date of purchase. Hopefully that will make you feel reassured that you can get help if anything goes wrong. 

Craftsman E410 lawn edger: Design 

For those who don’t want to have to carry around the weight of their edger with them on the job, the design of the Craftsman E410 will be a welcome change. This edger has been mounted to a steel frame, with three wheels for stability and control, so that you can simply guide it around your lawn instead. This is great for anyone who might struggle to handle gardening equipment for long periods of time, as it requires less stamina as you tidy up. 

This is a nifty tool, weighing in at 25lbs, which can make light work of any edges near sidewalks or flowerbeds, and vastly improve the overall look of your garden. Its maximum edge depth is 1.75 inches, which is handy to know before you get out there and use it.

Craftsman E410 Lawn Edger review: User reviews 

The Craftsman E410 is fairly new to the market, meaning there aren’t many user reviews available yet. From the 15 user reviews published at Lowe’s, 73% of those who purchased this lawn edger would recommend it to others. 

Those who were impressed with the Craftsman E410’s performance commented on its smooth running, with one customer stating: “My first edger. Had no issues with set up. Directions were easy to understand and it started right up. Worth the price for how nice my yard looks!” 

However, there were also users who voiced frustration at the E410’s starting process, with one reviewer saying, “It did take few pulls on the rope to get it started”. Another added that it was “Somewhat difficult to start with the primer system”. 

Craftsman E410 review: An image of the lawn edger from the side

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Should you buy the Craftsman E410 Lawn Edger?

The Craftsman E410 is best suited to those with larger gardens who need both power and precision when it comes to sprucing up their lawn. That’s due to the edger's extremely adjustable cutting heights and strong engine. This is also a good alternative to a handheld tool in terms of comfort, as it can be pushed around your garden with little effort. There’s also the added bonus of the ergonomic handle to make your life as you garden a little easier and comfier. 

The main drawback of the Craftsman E410 is the mixed reviews regarding the starting system. If you would prefer an electric cordless model to save any potential frustration, check out our review of the EGO POWER+ MEO800, which we ranked as our top pick. 

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