Dr Infrared Heater DR968 review

A cost-efficient, long-lasting portable space heater

Dr Infrared Portable Space Heater
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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

It heats quickly and has a long run time – it’s a good buy. It’s attractively in a retro-style case meaning it’s both cool to the touch (so safe for pets and children) as well as looking more like a piece of furniture than a heater.


  • +

    Fast to heat

  • +

    Incredibly cost efficient

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    Thermostat isn’t 100% accurate

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Dr Infrared: What you need to know

The Dr Infrared Heater's advanced dual heating system combines PTC and Quartz Infrared Elements. It comes with a dual heating system and high velocity low noise blower that increases the heat distribution. It heats rooms quickly, and comfortably.

Dr Infrared: Features

  • Switch between high or low settings to maintain room temperature
  • Comes with tip-over protection
Dr Infrared Specs

Running watts: 1500
Voltage: 120V, 60Hz
Heating coverage: 1000sq.ft
Output: 5200 BTUs
Warranty: 3 years
Weight: 24 lbs
Size: 13 x 11 x 16 inches

The Dr Infrared Heater has a lot of decent features, but one of the most important is its energy-saving auto mode. This setting means that when the heater is set to auto, the unit will switch between a high or low setting to maintain the desired room temperature.

The Dr Infrared can be set manually - to run on high or low all the time – or it can be set with a timer. The heater has to be turned on first in order to use the remote, at which point the user simply presses the power button on the heater that turns it onto standby mode. Once that’s done, pressing the power button on the remote will turn the heater on. For safety reasons, the heater can't be turned on if the unit is not in standby mode.

Not only that, but the Dr Infrared comes with tip-over protection as well as an automated shut-off protection to prevent overheating. This means you can use it throughout the night and get a good night’s sleep knowing you’re your Dr Infrared is supremely safe.

The Dr Infrared Heater is safe to have in the same room as children and pets as the heater itself is merely warm, rather than hot, to the touch. Importantly, it’s also not a fire risk as it doesn’t have any exposed heating elements. All Dr Infrared heaters are engineered and designed in the USA.

Dr Infrared: Design

  • Operates with an infrared heating system
  • Retains air moisture in the room

What makes Dr Infrared different to other heaters? The clue is in its name as it operates with an infrared heating system. What does that mean for you? Well, infrared technology means it brings a comfortable heat to any room rather than a dry, blasting heat. The Dr Infrared actually heats the objects in the room as opposed to the air, pretty much like the sun does.

Dr Infrared provides maximum warmth and energy efficiency, and what’s more, its state-of-the-art technology also means that unlike the majority of conventional convection heaters, the Dr Infrared retains air moisture in the room. Moist air means there’s less danger of your skin and hair drying out, so that’s a huge plus point in this model’s favour.

The Dr Infrared also looks great – its super retro style makes it look more like a piece of mid-century furniture than a powerful space heater.

Dr Infrared: Performance

  • Has three power settings: auto, low 1000W and high 1500W
  • It delivers on heat, and it delivers on price

The Dr Infrared Heater has three power settings: auto, low 1000W and high 1500W, with the auto-energy saving mode allowing you to set your desired temperature from 50-86F. Its state-of-the-art technology means it selects between the two settings depending on your room temperature, while the thermostat regulates the heater

This heater delivers, big time. It delivers on heat, and it delivers on price. The Dr Infrared kicks out an impressive 60% more heat than other 1500-watt heaters. Here’s how it works: even if two heaters have the same wattage, they won’t necessarily transfer the same amount of heat. Wattage only indicates the amount of electricity needed to power the heater, not the amount of heat that the machine can deliver. The Dr Infrared heater is the first space heater to feature a dual heating system for maximum heat transfer rate, combining the energy efficiency of infrared heat with the comfort of convection heat. What does this mean for you? Well, it enables your room to be heated fast and comfortably. The other upside of the infrared technology is that you won’t end up with annoying hot or cold spots in the room. 

If you opt for Dr Infrared over your regular heating system you could also cut a decent chunk off your electricity bill. Recent comparison tests with another model at more than double the price of the Dr Infrared showed that the Dr Infrared heated the same space much more quickly.

Dr Infrared uses a state-of-the-art seven-inch blower that generates higher pressure and moves larger air volume at a lower speed, without any of the noise of those other heaters on the market. So you get a warm room - and not only that but a very quiet one, too.

Dr Infrared: User reviews

  • Users report little fan noise
  • Scores very highly on its size as it’s small and comes on wheels

Users report that the Dr Infrared has a little fan noise, but it is basically a quiet heater compared to other similar models. One user reported not having to turn his TV volume up like he had to with similar models, so it’s a pretty unobtrusive heater to have in a room where you’re trying to sleep, work, chat or watch TV.

The Dr Infrared scores very highly on its size as it’s small and comes on wheels, which makes it easy to manoeuvre and bring from one room to another. You can heat one room with it, and simply wheel it to the next room.

As far as heating time goes, users report that it works quickly to heat the room, makes for a comfortable, non-dry heat and is safe to leave running through the night.

Should you buy the Dr Infrared?

If you’re looking for a cost-efficient space heater that doesn’t dry out the air and gives you a comfortable, constant heat, yes.

Alternatives to the Dr Infrared

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