Pros / It has all the built-ins and connection options you need, plus it’s portable and even has a light feature.

Cons / Its sound quality and projection struggled in our tests.

 Verdict / The Singing Machine Fiesta Plus is a decent all-in-one karaoke system for its price, though it struggled to produce loud, high-quality sound.

The Singing Machine Fiesta Plus karaoke machine is a streamlined, all-in-one system that comes with the portability and accessories to make your karaoke party a success. It includes two wired microphones, a 7-inch color display and a fun disco ball light feature for extra fun. It’s not the smallest machine, but it has a collapsible handle and wheels, so you can easily store or move it anywhere. Despite its large build, it is a quick process to get it setup and ready to use.

The karaoke machine can play tunes from a variety of sources, including Bluetooth, USB and line-in, though it doesn’t have a CD player or SD card slot. Singing Machine even gives you 10 free music video downloads, which you can store on the included USB drive, to get you started. On-board controls, including external input volume and voice effects, make it easy for anyone to make adjustments to a song. However, in our tests we didn’t find volume levels to be powerful or high-quality enough. Most people who used the machine could barely hear the audio track over themselves singing, even when the machine was turned all the way up.

Two microphone ports give you the option to sing solo or with a friend. As with the Singing Machine Vibe, two wired microphones are included, so you can immediately sing duets without having to buy a second microphone. There’s also a port for you to plug in a guitar or keyboard, if you want to enhance your karaoke experience.

Independent volume controls for the microphones allow you to create the perfect balance in a song between vocals and track audio. Special vocal controls – like echo and balance control – let you add a layer of quality to your tracks. There is also a feature that lets you record your performances to the included USB drive to enjoy in the future. Additionally, the Auto Voice Control fades pre-recorded vocals out as soon as you start singing and can even fade them back in if you stop singing or forget the lyrics.

Though it’s not the smallest karaoke system on the market, it’s quite portable. It measures 15.6 x 15.6 x 25.2 inches and weighs 13.5 pounds. It has a telescopic handle and four wheels on the bottom, which you can use to move it around, much like rolling luggage. The system is portable enough and easy to store, yet attractive enough to leave on display.

The Singing Machine Fiesta Vibe is a versatile piece of karaoke equipment. The two mics and external input let you enjoy singing duets or accompany a friend on keyboard or guitar. Its compatibility with Bluetooth and other song source options make it a cinch to sing along with the latest songs, and you can easily read lyrics on the large 7-inch color monitor. The machine is portable and easy to store or transport, making it a sure bet for casual karaoke lovers.

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