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Fidelity Investments stock trading platform review

Fidelity Investments is a nicely rounded stock trading option for investors of all levels and aptitudes.

Our Verdict

Fidelity Investments is clearly aimed at the family market and people who want to invest to secure the future of their children and their homes. It includes a variety of packages and products that are designed to make investments easy and approachable, while also including solid tools and services that will appeal to more advanced users.


  • No commission charges
  • Lots of research and information
  • Good customer service


  • Broker-assisted trade fees

Fidelity Investments: What you need to know

Fidelity Investments is a stock trading platform that has a very odd website. Initially looking like a dodgy portal for less savory trading, once you get under its skin you will find a plethora of services and investment options that will impress you, regardless of your skill level. Beginners will appreciate the planning and advice section which includes insights that they can use to start the process from an informed standpoint. The expert investor will enjoy the News & Research section that also includes Watch Lists, Options and Market and Shares Data.

Fidelity Investments: Tools and services

  • Varied account choices
  • Plenty of tools and services

Fidelity Investments has some great tools and services. You can see how your investments track against your retirement goals using the Fidelity Retirement Score, and you can manage your entry and exit trading strategies using the Trade Armor tool. Plus, you get access to an online service called Fidelity Estate Planner that helps you to move through the estate planning process smoothly, including finding the right attorney. 

The company has representatives available 24/7 so you can trade at any time of the day or night, plus their national branch network means you can wander in and have a personalized experience whenever you feel like it. If you don’t want to talk to another human being, you can access their expert insights and investing tools page on the website that will help you make use of the calculators and planning tools and the Fidelity Viewpoints articles. The latter are made up of industry relevant analysis and commentary that will help you shape your investment decisions.

The Fidelity Investments trading platform is called Active Trader Pro and it comes with real-time alerts, insights, and a relatively customizable Daily Dashboard. The latter is extremely useful for accessing news, announcements and economic events in real time. The platform lets you place trades, monitor accounts and generally fine-tune your trading. There are also mobile apps for iOS, Android and Google that work seamlessly with your accounts and let you trade anytime you want. 

Fidelity Investments: Trading options and Forex

  • Long and varied list of investment products
  • Impressive mutual fund options like the Fidelity Zero Total Market Index Fund
Fidelity Investments: Key specifications

Account minimum amount: None
Commission fee: None
Account fees: Some fees may apply
Investment products: Mutual Funds, Retirement & IRA, trading, stocks, fixed income, bonds & CDs, ETFs, options, sector investing, savings 

It’s hard to find fault with Fidelity Investments because they’ve clearly put a lot of effort into making sure that they have as many solutions as possible to suit as many different investment styles as possible. Some of the stand-out offerings include the Fidelity Zero Total Market Index Fund and the zero expense ratio index funds. Their offerings are extremely cost effective and are tailored to help you get the best out of your portfolio.

In fact, if you visit the Fidelity Investments planning page, you’ll find features such as Fidelity Go – a robotic digital investment advisor – and a personalized planning and advice service that offers you advisor-led support. You can also use the tools to plan for specific events such as children, health and your legacy. 

Fidelity Investments: Research, education and customer support

  • Impressive education platform
  • Good customer reviews

Fidelity Investments has probably got the best research tools available on the market today, beating out even TD Ameritrade for variety and depth. You gain access to decision making technology for your trading investments, plus you can use their News & Research section to view different charts, sectors, and performance levels. These features are also built into their mobile apps and the trading platform which means you always have the information you need at your fingertips.

When it comes to customer service, Consumer Affairs has them at a paltry 1,5 stars, yet consumer feedback has won them kudos from Investor’s Business Daily,, and Investopedia. Interestingly, the most recent reviews on Consumer Affairs are from very happy customers who appreciate the hands-on service and 24/7 customer support. They also came very high in the Investor’s Business Daily 2019 investor survey, garnering a spot in the top ten for yet another year.

Fidelity Investments: Verdict

Fidelity Investments is reliable, customer friendly, and packed full of different investment options and choices. The website may not be the best on the market, but the company more than makes up for it in terms of digital offerings, research, tools, services and support. It has calculators and apps designed to help users through very specific investment decisions, and it provides both beginner and novice with the right level of choice. Considering how well the platform is regarded by customers and the market, it’s a solid place to start if you’re wanting to develop a financial future without adding on too much risk.