EatSmart Precision Elite ESKS-10 review

The EatSmart Precision Elite food scale is sleek, simple, and useful.

EatSmart Precision Elite Food Scale
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The EatSmart Precision Elite's high weight capacity and large platform make it a good option if you often cook big meals.


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    This scale has an exceptionally large weighing platform


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    It doesn't display weight in fluid ounces or milliliters

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The EatSmart Precision Elite food scale is stylish, simple, and useful. In addition, it scored high marks in our consistency tests – consistency is one of the most important characteristics for any kitchen scale.

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EatSmart Precision Elite: Features

This scale's stainless steel weighing platform measures just over 65 square inches, which is quite large, especially compared to those on other models we reviewed. The rest of the scale is made of plastic, so it is easy to clean when you’re done weighing ingredients. The large, backlit display has tall numbers that are easy to see from any angle and in all lighting conditions.

The EatSmart Precision Elite can weigh items up to 15 lbs, which is beyond what you need to create a family meal. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to exceed this scale’s weight capacity unless you prepare food for a large group. It displays results down to a hundredth of an ounce, so it is very precise.

This scale weighs food in the most common units of measurement: grams, kilograms, ounces, and pounds. You switch between these measurements with the push of a button. 

Using the Precision Elite’s tare feature, you can weigh ingredients in a container. You simply place the container on the scale, press the tare button, and add your ingredients. The scale subtracts the container’s weight from the total, so you only see how much the food inside weighs. The tare button also doubles as the power button.

The EatSmart Precision Elite stands about an inch and a half tall, and despite its large platform, it’s surprisingly compact and fits nicely on a countertop. Also, its flat body makes it easy to stow away in a drawer or cupboard.

This food scale has a power-up timer as well as a shutdown timer. The power-up timer is about three seconds and counts down to zero every time the scale turns on. When the timer reaches zero, the scale is ready to use. The automatic shutdown timer starts when the scale is idle. If two minutes pass with no activity, the scale turns itself off.

Should you buy the EatSmart Precision Elite Food Scale?

This food scale has a decent weighing area and was consistent in our testing, making it great choice for your kitchen. 

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