MIRA Digital Kitchen Scale ST85 review

The MIRA Digital Kitchen Scale is a medium-size digital food scale that is a great choice for home cooks.

MIRA Digital Kitchen Scale
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The MIRA Digital Kitchen Scale is a durable, accurate and stylish scale that will work for most home cooks.


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    This scale has a tempered glass weighing area

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    Highly accurate sensor


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    It can't weigh in fluid ounces

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The MIRA Digital Kitchen Scale is a medium-size digital food scale that has a lot going for it. For example, it’s a simple scale with a sleek design, and we were impressed by its accuracy in our testing.

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MIRA Digital Kitchen Scale: Features

This scale is 100 percent accurate when items are weighed directly in the center, thanks to its tempered glass weighing platform and highly sensitive sensor. However, there were some weight discrepancies when we weighed items off-center in the corners of the scale. It didn’t display many inaccurate weights when we placed items on different parts of the scale, but it happened often enough that the MIRA's score dropped. It's important for scales to be consistent across the entire weighing platform when you weigh food that is irregular in thickness, weighing more on one side than the other. This can influence cooking times and how well cooked your food is.

This food scale can weigh items as light as 0.1 ounces and as heavy as 11 lbs. That’s an average range for the scales we tested.

Another one of the MIRA’s helpful features is its tare button, which allows you to zero out the weight of a container so you can weigh only the contents. The tare button doubles as the power button, and unlike on other scales, it is labeled “zero” instead of “tare.”

The MIRA’s glass surface is easy to clean – food and liquid wipe right off. Also, since the weighing surface is slightly wider than the rest of the scale, there’s little chance of gunk getting in the scale’s innards. The scale has a 42-square-inch weighing area, which is more than enough room to weigh ingredients that go into average home meals.

Should you buy the MIRA Digital Kitchen Scale? 

With the MIRA Digital Kitchen Scale, you can weigh food in grams, ounces, and pounds. These are the most common units of measurement found in recipes, so it should fit most of your recipes unless you have one that calls for kilograms or fluid ounces. If you need to measure in milliliters, consider the Ozeri Touch II. You can switch the unit while the item is still on the scale. That way, you can get dual measurements during a single weigh.

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