Ozeri Pro II Digital ZK12S-B review

The Ozeri Pro II Digital Kitchen Scale stands out from other food scales we reviewed for several reasons, chief among them that it earned perfect scores in our accuracy and consistency tests.

Ozeri Pro II Digital review
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The Ozeri Pro II is a great small kitchen scale, but you should consider a different model if you need to weigh heavy foods.


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    This scale has a kitchen timer


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    Not suitable for really heavy food

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The Ozeri Pro II Digital Kitchen Scale stands out from other food scales we reviewed for several reasons. This scale earned perfect scores in our accuracy and consistency tests. It also has a decent weight range; it is lightweight; includes a large, bright display; and is the only food scale we reviewed that has a kitchen timer.

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Ozeri Pro II Digital Kitchen Scale: Features

This food scale performed flawlessly in our accuracy tests, and it consistently displayed the correct weight, no matter where we placed items on its platform. It can weigh ingredients as light as 0.05 ounces and as heavy as 11 lbs. That isn’t the highest weight capacity we saw, but it is more than enough to weigh the ingredients for a typical homemade meal. If you use ingredients that weigh more than 11 lbs, a different scale would be better.

The Pro II’s circular weighing platform measures nearly 20 square inches. As with weight capacity, that isn’t the largest platform area we saw. However, it is sufficient room to weigh ingredients used in home cooking.

The scale has a tare feature that zeros out the weight of the container you’re weighing ingredients in. You place the empty bowl on the scale and press the tare button. Then, when you add ingredients to the bowl, the scale only displays the weight of the food.

You can choose to have the weight display in grams, ounces, kilograms, or pounds with the push of a button. That’s standard fare for the kitchen scales we reviewed and adequate for most recipes. However, if you cook using fluid ounces or milliliters, consider a model like the Ozeri Touch II.

One of the scale’s more unique features is its kitchen timer. This may be useful if you don’t already have a timer or if you take the scale places where a conventional timer is impractical.

Ozeri made the Pro II lightweight and easy to store and transport. Also, the large display is backlit and the numbers are easy to see.

This kitchen scale automatically shuts off after three minutes of inactivity. The shutdown timer resets when the scale senses a weight change, so you can add or remove ingredients without it turning off as you use it. Since it eventually turns off on its own, you don’t have to remember to do so.

Should you buy the Ozeri Pro II Digital ZK12S-B?

The Ozeri Pro II Digital ZK12S-B is a great kitchen scale, but if you're going to need to weigh out lots of ingredients, you're better off with another model that can handle this better. 

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