Frigidaire FEC1K7GA00 review

The Frigidaire FEC1K7GA00 is a powerful and durable eco-friendly portable swamp cooler.

Frigidaire FEC1K7GA00 review
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The Frigidaire FEC1K7GA00 portable swamp cooler is a lightweight appliance that’s easy to move around and it's durable.


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    Easy glide casters

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    Accepts ice


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    Difficult to refill

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    Fairly noisy

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The Frigidaire FEC1K7GA00 is a portable swamp cooler that covers a large area and is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional air conditioning. It’s a great choice if you’re expecting to move your swamp cooler around a lot as it’s lightweight and fitted with easy-glide casters. It is one of the more high-end models on our list of the best portable swamp coolers, and therefore a bit pricier, but not the most expensive of our picks.

Frigidaire FEC1K7GA00 portable swamp cooler: Pricing and value

The Frigidaire FEC1K7GA00 retails at around $330, putting it towards the premium end of the market for portable swamp coolers, so you would expect it to offer great cooling power and durability and it definitely delivers. While it doesn’t quite offer the power of the Honeywell CO610PM, it is $100 cheaper so offers great value if you don’t quite need the wider square foot coverage of the Honeywell. It still covers a relatively large area of up to 650 square feet, but is designed for indoor use. 

Frigidaire FEC1K7GA00 portable swamp cooler: Features 

The Frigidaire FEC1K7GA00 is a good all-rounder that can cover larger rooms easily and effectively. It’s ready to go straight out of the box and is lightweight enough to be moved from room to room as needed. Along with easy glide casters, this all makes it great for moving this cooler with you, whether you’re DIYing in the garage or relaxing outdoors, without having to lug a bulky appliance around.

It has a good sized tank that can hold 10.6 gallons of water, allowing it to run for about eight or nine hours, and can be topped up with ice on really hot days. If you expect it to be running for a long while, you have the option to attach a hose to extend the running time without risking the tank running dry. It uses three extra thick cooling pads for greater cooling efficiency, creating a humid breeze without leaving moisture on floors or furniture. They’re also quick and easy to remove and clean, helping to achieve much more energy efficient cooling than traditional air conditioners. With three fan speed options it offers up a really good level of power too, achieving up to 1650 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of power to spread the breeze far and wide. It does become noisy when on the highest power setting though.

In general, its features come up a little short of the Honeywell CO610PM. It has a smaller tank, less CFM power and covers a smaller square footage, but the Honeywell CO610PM could easily be overkill for a lot of spaces. If you don’t need the full capacity of the Honeywell CO610PM’s features then the Frigidaire FEC1K7GA00 is more than adequate and at a lower price point.

While the one-year warranty may seem a little on the short side, it’s pretty standard across all the swamp coolers we’ve looked at.

Frigidaire FEC1K7GA00 portable swamp cooler: User reviews 

The Frigidaire FEC1K7GA00 is really popular with users, who rate it at an average of 4.7 out of five on Home Depot. They note that it’s easy to set up and practically ready to go straight out of the box. 

Users have reported good things across a wide range of settings, from busy workshops to spacious patio areas, with everyone impressed with the Frigidaire FEC1K7GA00 swamp cooler’s ability to keep them cool in hot weather. One user reported that it was so effective in their office space that they only needed to run it for short periods of time to significantly cool the room. A few users also reported that it performed well in situations where their air conditioning came up short.

A few note that it is on the noisy side, but not enough for it to really be a negative. One or two likened the noise level to that of a washing machine. There was also the odd review that noted that they found it a bit difficult to refill.

Should you buy the Frigidaire FEC1K7GA00 portable swamp cooler? 

The Frigidaire FEC1K7GA00 is a great portable swamp cooler that is still powerful and efficient, even if it doesn’t quite match the output of the Honeywell CO610PM. But if you don’t need the 850 square foot coverage of the Honeywell CO610PM, then it is absolutely worth saving $100 and choosing the Frigidaire FEC1K7GA00, which still covers an impressive 650 square feet. 

It’s still towards the more expensive end of the swamp cooler market and if you’re looking to cool smaller spaces, especially indoors, then you can save even more cash by opting for the Honeywell 300 CFM indoor evaporative air cooler. It’s not as powerful, but can handle indoor space adequately.

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