Give the gift of warmth with the smart and safe Dreo Personal Space Heater

Dreo Personal Space Heater
(Image credit: Dreo)

No one wants Jack Frost nipping at their toes. But, with the winter months upon us, we can quickly find the drafts coming through our windows getting the best of slow central heating or old radiators that we never know when we can count on. 

Dreo understands that comfort and convenience are a must in the home, and its products reflect that. The Dreo Personal Space Heater provides a smart and handy means of keeping Jack Frost at bay wherever you go in your home.

The general convenience of a space heater is key. It lets you get warm wherever and whenever you want. You don’t have to huddle around an air vent behind the couch or wait for a large room to heat up slowly. You also don’t have to run central heating for the whole home when you might just want to have your feet feeling a little bit warmer. You just need access to a power outlet with this space heater.

Dreo’s Personal Space Heater not only offers the usual benefits of a space heater but also offers a bunch of smart controls, helpful features, and useful safety mechanisms.

The Dreo Personal Space Heater puts 1500W of heating power into a compact form factor. You can pick it up and carry it anywhere in the house, and it’s small enough to fit under your desk or even up on top. You can dial in your preferred temperature from 41 to 95 degrees on the easy-to-see digital thermostat, and the ceramic heater will have you feeling the heat in no time. 

A high-power mode will get your warm quick, while the low mode will limit the heater to 900W for modest heating paired with some energy savings. A smart Eco mode keeps track of the ambient temperature and will run the heater at a variable output to balance power use while keeping your space cozy. You can also just run the fan if you like. The nine-blade fan pushes plenty of air past the heating elements to get you warm, and an oscillation mode will let you spread the heat around in case you’ve got company.

Dreo Personal Space Heater

(Image credit: Dreo)

Dreo’s made its personal space heater to be used just about anytime and anywhere around the house. You can even use it while you’re going to bed thanks to its 12-hour timer and low 40dB operating volume. Its safety features also make it easier to rely on.

Dreo knows accidents happen. If the Dreo Personal Space Heater tips over, its built-in gyroscope will detect this and automatically turn off the heater. A buzzer will go off if this happens, too, audibly alerting you to the issue. Similarly, if the temperature around the heater gets too high, as might happen if something covers up the unit, the heater will cut off when that temperature reaches 122 degrees. The heater even has a detachable filter to prevent flammable debris like hair and dust from getting pulled into the heating elements by the fan. 

Dreo’s design uses flame-retardant materials and is built to withstand the high temperatures a space heater will regularly deal with. Even the power cord is built with safety in mind, using a security bracket to strengthen the prongs and including thermal insulating materials around the wires. 

So, when you’re trying to keep you and your loved ones warm when the cold comes creeping in this winter, see the difference the Dreo Personal Space Heater can make. Dreo’s products are built for a sophisticated, modern living, and this heater offers just that.