Conair Body Benefits Heated Body-Flex Massager review

The Conair Body Benefits Heated Body-Flex Massager can be used on several areas of your body, for general relaxation and for more targeted pain relief.

Conair Body Benefits Heated Body-Flex Massager review
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    Angled head for precision massage


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Enhance your personal wellness with the Conair Body Benefits Heated Body-Flex Massager, a basic looking massage device that sports a no-frills design. It's most definitely an entry-level model, and one of the best handheld massagers for those who are new to self-massage and are therefore looking for an easy to use device. 

Conair's body massager features a head with five textured surfaces to provide different massage experiences, and it has an adjustable handle to make it easier to reach your back and shoulders during self-massage. The Body Benefits Heated Body-Flex Massager has been designed for relaxation and low level pain relief, but how does it stack up to the bigger, more powerful body massagers? Time to find out...

Conair Body Benefits Heated Body-Flex Massager review: design

Like the Prospera PL008 Penguin Percussion Heat Massager, this Conair body massager includes settings for both heat and vibration. You can use these settings individually or simultaneously, depending on the level of massage you require. The heated massage function is welcome for low level pain relief, though if you are experiencing regular muscle soreness and tension, we would recommend the more robust and powerful HoMedics Percussion Pro With Heat

Heat interacts with blood vessels to increase circulation, which promotes faster healing, and the heated sensation works just as well for helping you to relax and unwind. This might be of particular interest to people living with anxiety, as anxiety can often lead to a build up of tension in the body. Massage may help to relieve some of this. 

The Conair Body Benefits Heated Body-Flex Massager doesn't come with interchangeable accessories, which is a shame because it limits your experience. The included accessory, however, does hav a few special features of its own. While some units use a vibrating finger add-on that focuses the vibration on a specific part of your body, this head uses its design to offer a similar benefit. 

You can use the concentrator head for a more focused sensation. Three unique texture surfaces surround the face of the device, so you can turn the unit until you find the feel that works most effectively for you.

Conair Body Benefits Heated Body-Flex Massager: the massager can be used on several parts of the body

(Image credit: Conair)

Conair Body Benefits Heated Body-Flex Massager review: performance

This handheld massager includes both low and high power settings. These settings affect the speed of the vibration, but not the heat. Heat controls rely on a separate switch, located just above the main power setting on the handle of the device. 

You can use the massager's lower power setting for general surface massages, especially for light relaxation. The high power setting generates additional speed for the head of the device. This setting addresses deeper massages, especially those in the back and shoulders.

You can adjust the angle of the head, too. This body massager comes with a multi-position neck that adjusts the head position for more effective reach. You can move it one way when working on tense leg muscles, and then change it when you want to focus on your lower back. 

This simple design choice increases the range of the corded massager, so you can reach more areas without any added stress. If you'd prefer a massager that can work cordlessly, you might want to consider the Brookstone Max 2 Massager.

Conair recommends starting all massages with light attention on a general area, then addressing more focused areas with higher power and pressure. You can adjust the settings to suit your needs, but you cannot change out the head. Overall, the existing settings allow this massager to work on the neck, back and legs.

Should I buy the Conair Body Benefits Heated Body-Flex Massager?

The Conair Body Benefits Heated Body-Flex Massager is suitable for beginners looking for an easy step into the world of self-massage and using heated massage to ease low level muscle tension. It only comes with a single head, but the variety of massage surfaces on offer actually make up for this as you can experience different massages from one device. 

It isn't as powerful as the new breed of handheld massagers, and certainly doesn't cut the mustard for deep tissue massage, simply because it isn't designed for that. If you want an ultra-powerful handheld massager, try the Therabody Theragun Mini

For targeted massage of your back or feet, also take a look at our guides to the best back massagers and the best foot massagers.

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