The Contour Next One is our pick for the best glucometer overall because it combines a sleek design, an intuitive interface and a data management app with affordable test strips and an accurate meter. In fact, in our tests, it was the only meter that never produced a reading outside the acceptable range. In addition, the test strips never failed.

In our accuracy tests, the Contour Next One received an A+ because it was perfect; at least, it was as perfect as we could tell without knowing my true glucose levels. FDA regulations permit blood glucose meters to be within 15 percent of the true glucose level.

I tested my own blood with all the glucometers multiple times a day for three weeks. Each day, I averaged all the readings and used that number too find the acceptable range, with the minimum set at 15-percent below the average and the maximum set at 15 percent above the average. While this isn't an absolute indication of accuracy, in part because it's a small-scale test and doesn't include official lab results, the Contour Next One not only never produced a reading outside of the range, but it was also almost always only two or three numbers off from the average.

During the above test, we also found that the Contour Next test strips never failed to drink up the blood, and the meter never produced an error reading. In other words, it made use of every test strip we put into it, so we didn’t waste a single one.

The test strips are more affordable than average, costing about 56 cents each. They cost more than the True Metrix Air strips, but they’re still among the most affordable available. In addition, the availability of the test strips is exceptional. We collated the prices of the test strips from over 20 online diabetic supply stores and local pharmacies, also noting their availability. The Contour Next was one of just two glucometers with test strips in every store, with the Accu-Chek Aviva being the other.

Another reason the Contour Next is our pick for the best glucometer is its Bluetooth feature, which syncs your data with the Contour Diabetes app, available on both Apple and Android phones. The app makes it very easy to manage your diabetes. You can add notes about your readings, like whether one was taken after a meal and what you ate. It also graphs your readings so you can see trends in your glucose levels over time and visualize how well you’re managing your diabetes.

With the best accuracy, the best ease of use, the most available test strips and an affordable test strip that doesn't fail, it's clear why the Contour Next One glucometer is our pick for the overall best blood glucose meter. It's an excellent tool with comprehensive features for diabetics who want to manage their diabetes without breaking the bank.