The FORA 6 Connect is the newest glucometer from ForaCare, and it's the best meter the company has put out to date. This is among the few meters on the market that test for both blood glucose levels and ketone levels. While you have to use separate test strips for both, this makes it the best glucometer for diabetics who rely on insulin because you don't need two separate meters. The FORA 6 Connect also has Bluetooth to sync your readings with the excellent iFORA HM app.

I didn't receive the FORA 6 Connect in time to test it with the other 11 glucometers because it wasn't released until mid-February, a week after testing. However, I did test it alongside the five best glucometers from the initial test group. This second set of tests showed that the FORA 6 Connect’s new gold technology test strips are likely as accurate as ForaCare claims – it never once produced a reading that fell outside of the acceptable range.

This glucose meter’s most notable feature is that it's also a ketone meter. None of the other glucometers I reviewed are capable of testing both blood glucose and ketone levels. While most Type II diabetics don't test ketone levels, it is critical for any diabetic who is insulin dependent – Type I and Diabetic Ketoacidosis. By having both functions in one meter, you have less to carry around and worry about.

Plus, the meter uses Bluetooth to sync your blood glucose and ketone level data to the iFORA HM app. The app makes it easy to add notes to your readings and spot averages and trends, which in turn makes managing your diabetes easier. It also makes it very easy to share your data with a physician.

While the FORA 6 Connect’s interface and display are similar to those on other FORA glucometers, this device is much easier to use. It has a mode button and directional buttons, which make it easy to navigate the features and settings. This is a welcome improvement over the FORA Test N'GO and the FORA TN'G Voice, which both feature a single button for cycling through readings and features.

The FORA 6 Connect’s biggest downside is its test strip availability. At the time of this review, they were only available from the manufacturer's website. This is a common issue with FORA test strips because the brand doesn't have as big of a distribution as other meters. However, this should only be a minor issue, so long as you order test strips well in advance of running out.

At about 50 cents each, the FORA 6 Connect’s strips have an average cost. This is a pleasant surprise for new test strips, which tend to cost a premium when they first hit the market. By comparison, some of the most popular brand strips, like Accu-Chek Aviva and OneTouch Verio, cost more than $1 each, on average.

Even without being a ketone meter, the FORA 6 Connect is one of the best glucometers available. But if you're insulin dependent, it's your best option. The test strips are affordable and accurate, and it uses Bluetooth to connect your readings to one of the best diabetes management apps available.

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