The Body Back Buddy massager is a simple-to-use stress relief device. This back massager's main strength is its versatility.

A unique "S" shape makes this handheld back massager ideal for reaching the tricky parts of your back or anywhere else on your body. It's studded with round therapy balls that you apply to sore muscles and manipulate to increase circulation and work out knots and stress. You can apply greater pressure by simply adjusting the angle of contact.

The therapy balls let you massage various areas, and in some positions you can work on more than one area simultaneously. They allow the Body Back Buddy to act as more than a simple handheld back massager. You can reach any point on your body with this tool, and it works in standing, sitting or lying positions. Due to the unorthodox setup, which places the therapy balls in offset positions, your partner may find it difficult to massage you: The product has no balls at the end of a straight area long enough for your partner to hold.

This product comes with a 12-page instructional booklet including a link to a video showing the back massager in action. Because it weighs only 1.5 pounds, this massager is easy to use for long periods without developing any cramps or muscle strain.

This back massager does not use electricity, so the massaging action is purely manual. But that does make it extremely portable, letting you take it anywhere, even to remote places such as campsites. The lack of moving parts means there are no components to replace. Its single-piece, reinforced construction makes it durable, but at 25 inches long, it can take up quite a bit of space in your travel bag. The unit is completely silent, so you can use it at home or work without bothering anyone. This massager's S-shaped handle is easy to hang, and you can leave it on a coat hanger, doorknob, chair back or anywhere else to have on hand when it's time for a relaxation session. If you'd prefer a massager that is easy to travel with, you might want to consider the PADO Pure Wave CM7.

The Body Back Buddy doesn't include special features such as vibration or heat, but it offers outstanding leverage to deeply penetrate your muscles. Body Back guarantees this American-made product with a lifetime warranty.

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