Editor's Note: We've removed this product from our lineup because it's not available for purchase anywhere, but you can stii check out the review below.

The Human Touch iJoy 2580 is more than a basic massage chair. It offers three different programmed massages, a full body massage, a respectable two-year warranty and very soft material. This chair was built to add convenience to your relaxation time.

According to the Human Touch website, this chair gives relaxing node massages rather than more vigorous ones. You can choose between getting a percussion massage, which mimics the rapid side-palm pressure a sports medicine therapist uses along the spine; compression massage, which presses sections of muscle together; kneading massage, which uses small circular motions on either side of your spine; or a rolling massage, which gently goes up and down your back.

One of the best things about this chair is that it was built with convenience in mind. You can control all of the chair’s functions using the controls built into the left armrest. The right armrest houses a cup holder so you can have a refreshing drink with you during your session. To add another layer of convenience, the left side of the massage chair has an outlet so you can charge your phone or other electronic devices while sitting.

You can choose between purchasing the espresso or black model. Both are covered in SofHyde, which is a soft faux leather. The chair uses electricity to recline rather than using a manual lever, so you should be able to find the perfect recline angle without sitting up to make adjustments. With more expensive chairs, users have the ability to adjust the massage intensity via remote. The iJoy 2580 provides intensity customization with the use of a removable pad that can be slipped in and out of the chair’s back cushion within seconds.

The Human Touch iJoy 2580 doesn’t require any intense assembly. It arrives folded in half. You simply pull it out from the box, attach the headrest, adjust the seat to the preferred position, plug it in and you are ready to go. This chair has the ability to massage from your neck down to your tailbone. However, if you are shorter than 5’0” or taller than 6’0” it might not fit you the way it is intended. If you need a massager that can accomodate taller persons, consider the Luraco iRobotics 7

This chair is pretty light, weighing 113 pounds. There are built-in wheels to help maneuver this chair around. It’s also surprisingly sturdy, having a maximum weight capacity of 285 pounds, which is the second highest poundage number we’ve seen in our evaluation. It also comes with a two-year warranty, which is on the higher side for massage chairs in this price range.

The Human Touch iJoy 2580 is one of the best economical massage chairs on the market. It provides three different programmed massages and four different massage techniques. Even though it is on the less expensive side of massage chairs, it still comes with a two-year warranty, is made of soft fabric, and has a cup holder and an outlet to add to user convenience.

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