The Kahuna Chair LM6800 offers several of the advanced massaging features many people want in a massage chair. There are several options to help you customize your massage to your personal preferences. The color options and warranty are lacking, however.

This massage chair features body scanning technology to locate and measure your spine for a more accurate massage. The massager’s nodes run on an L-track all the way down your spine and to your buttocks. There are 36 airbags throughout the chair to help massage and improve blood circulation. You can adjust the pressure and speed of your sessions using the controls, so you are more likely to find the massage settings you like. This chair can even help twist your hips and give them a massage workout. It also features foot rollers to give the bottoms of your feet a good massage.

This chair only comes in one color. This may or may not be a big deal depending on if you like the look of it, but it’s better to have options to choose from. You can choose between five different massages: shiatsu, kneading, rolling, tapping, or tapping and kneading. You can also have the chair focus on specific areas of your body.

Like most other massage chairs in this price range, the Kahuna Chair LM6800 offers zero gravity, heat and full body stretch modes, and it allows you to adjust the speed and intensity between three different settings with the control panel. With only one year's coverage, it has one of the weakest warranties that we've seen for a high-end massage chair. Warranties for chairs in this price range usually last three years. If you want a massage chair with a longer warranty, you might want to consider the Osaki OS-4000.

These chairs weigh 189 pounds and have caster wheels on the back to make them easier to move. The manufacturer puts the user weight limit at 240 pounds and the height limit at 6 feet, 2 inches even with the adjustable footrest. If this is too small for you but you really like the look and features of the Kahuna Chair, you can look into the company's other massage chairs in the SM series which can handle 320 pounds and have a height limit of 6 feet, 5 inches. Kahuna Chair offers free curbside delivery and provides tools to help you assemble your chair. You can select white glove delivery if you'd prefer to pay someone to assemble it for you.

When it comes down to it, the Kahuna Chair LM6800 is a great product. It molds itself to your body to give you a perfect massage and allows more customization through the control panels. However, the one-year warranty doesn't do much to provide peace of mind for making such a large purchase.

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