The Prospera PL008 Penguin Percussion Heat Massager delivers two speed settings to help with relaxation and deeper muscle massages. It also comes with a few changeable heads. The Prosepra Penguin works for both tension and pain relief.

You can adjust the speed based on the type of massage you need at the moment. On the fast speed setting, this handheld massager delivers up to 3,000 pulses per minute. This stimulates blood flow in larger muscle groups, and it gives you the ability to perform deep massages. When you add pressure, the massager can work through tense muscles on the back and shoulders. This makes it an adequate tool for many aches and pains.

The massager comes with a lower speed setting, too. This one handles relaxation and lighter surface stimulation. It can work on your arms and legs as well as your neck and back. This adds to the massager's overall versatility. You can change out two small head attachments as well.

The attachment heads cover the impact point of the massager. They come directly in contact with your skin, so their shape and texture greatly affect your experience. One of the two heads features a smooth surface. This impacts the body with more precise beats, and it can work well for specific pains. When you use this head, you can focus on a target area without losing any power.

The second head offers small bumps across the surface and provides a unique sensation for lighter massages. This second head helps with both speed settings. The attachments twist on and off of the head of the massager so that they do not fall off during the massage.

This Penguin massager includes infrared heating elements that help with muscle relaxation. Heated massages warm the skin slowly, and they use both heat and pressure to relieve tension. The body of the massager measures 18 inches from top to bottom, so you can extend your reach as needed.

The massager should remain in motion during use. If left in a single position, it can bruise the target area with intense percussive action. In general, you can use this massager for up to three minutes in any given area before taking a break. The device also needs to rest after 15 minutes of use. Extended use may cause the massager to overheat, which can shorten its lifespan. If you'd prefer a simpler massager, you might want to consider Kikkerland or the Breo.

The Prospera PL008 Penguin Percussion Heat Massager features powerful speed settings that massage deeper muscle groups. It relies on a corded connection for power but must shut off when used for longer periods to prevent overheating.

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