The Broan 6201S portable electric space heater is rugged in design and has a far more utilitarian appearance than all the other units in the lineup. Small and basic, it has a remarkably long heating radius but is ineffective at heating large spaces.

Given its diminutive size, the Broan 6201S is among the best space heaters for tight spaces. Its heating radius, which is the distance you can move away from it while still feeling warmth, is 68 inches. This is fine for small spaces, but it falls well short of the heating radius of the best space heaters. Since it is designed for tight quarters, it doesn't have a remote control.

The Broan circulates warm air by way of a small fan that operates at a single speed. As a result, warm air radiates slowly from it. You can set the heat level to low or high. Alternately, it doubles as a fan that you can use in warm temperatures to circulate air. It includes a thermostat knob, but it doesn't give you the ability to set the heater to a specific temperature; you just set it somewhere between minimum and maximum heat and have to keep adjusting it to find a comfortable temperature. The fan's noise level is 66 dB, which makes it the second-loudest space heater on our comparison list. Though the heater is sized for desks, this noise level could become distracting in your office. However, if you have a small workshop or project area in your garage, this might be just the heater for you.

Suitable for floor or desktop placement, this space heater comes with a 72-inch power cable. Unfortunately, there is no built-in cable storage on the space heater, which makes storing the unit when you're not using it a bit more cumbersome. As far as safe space heater features, it does include overheat shutdown, which can prevent damage to the space heater and lower the risk of fire if it's left on for extended periods. Other safe space heater characteristics include a tip-over sensor that shuts power off if it is accidentally turned over, but its lack of a cool-touch exterior means it is hot to the touch when fully engaged, so you'll have to be wary of burns. It also lacks a timer for setting how long the heat should run.

The Broan 6201S has good help and support features. You can reach customer support by email or telephone. It is backed by a one-year warranty, which is standard but not as long as some of the other space heaters in our list, such as the Lasko 6462.

Compared to the best space heaters, the Broan 6201S falls short in its ability to heat up an entire room quickly. It also lacks some of the bonus features that many other types of space heaters enjoy, such as a remote control and a timer. However, its small size makes it easily movable and ideal for use in small areas.