The DeLonghi DCH7093ER electric space heater distinguishes itself with a host of space heater safety features as well as solid heating performance. This heater is compact and lightweight enough to be highly portable for use in any bedroom, den, family room or office space.

DeLonghi DCH7093ER excels at heating a room quickly and can increase the temperature of a 150-square-foot room by 5 degrees in under 15 minutes. This space heater also does a great job of circulating air and can spot-heat quickly.

You get four heat settings: low, medium, high and freeze prevention. The freeze prevention mode is best for spaces with little to no insulation, such as an add-on room or an enclosed garage with no heating ducts. When the space heater is set to freeze prevention, it starts working anytime the temperature drops lower than 44 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent freezing. The lower heat settings run the space heater at a lower wattage, producing less heat to save electricity. This unit also works as a fan in summer.

The DeLonghi DCH7093ER is remarkable in its space heater safety characteristics. It includes an overheat sensor that automatically turns the machine off if the temperature gets too high, and a tip-over sensor that also shuts the device off if it is knocked over or even positioned at an odd angle. You also get a cool-touch front grille to prevent burns if you touch it directly, and a timer that lets you set the heater to turn off after a designated period. You can set the timer in half-hour increments up to 24 hours. The digital thermostat lets you determine a set temperature, and this space heater determines the room temperature and turns itself off and on as needed to maintain your desired temperature.

You also get a battery-operated remote control so you can stay where you are and turn the space heater on or off, increase or decrease the temperature, change fans speeds, and set the timer. As it weighs a mere 4.9 pounds and has a carrying handle, it is easy to move this space heater. The warranty is only one year, which is shorter than that of some other space heaters such as the Lasko 6462.

With comprehensive safety features, convenience settings, and the ability to heat a room quickly and maintain its temperature, the DeLonghi DCH7093ER is an excellent, portable electric space heater. This easy-to-use and highly effective device can cut down on your electricity costs by heating a single room at a time rather than your entire home or office.

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