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The Vornado VH200 is a small, portable electric space heater with a sleek design, so it can fit into any home or office, and it is especially useful for areas where people congregate such as the living room or den. It can heat a small room within 30 minutes and comes with a number of important space heater safety features. This heater increases the temperature in a 150-square-foot room by 5 degrees within 30 minutes. The fan performs well at circulating air throughout a room. Unlike the Lasko 6462, this unit does not oscillate but instead blows a steady stream of warm air in a single direction.

The space heater has two fan speed settings and two heat settings, giving you some flexibility for warming a room. It comes with a digital thermostat that you can set to a specific temperature. Once the room has reached your desired temperature, the heater automatically shuts off. The fan only resumes if the temperature drops again. The space heater's noise level is minimal, even when operating at full fan speed. It has a fan-only setting that you can use during warmer months to circulate air like a standard fan.

This heater doesn't have a remote control, but its 72-inch power cable, lightweight design and molded carrying handle make it easy to reposition. It has no timer to let you control how long the heating element runs, but the thermostat and overheat shutdown feature limit safety hazards; the heater shuts itself off if it gets too hot. Additionally, a sensor turns it off if it falls over. A cool-touch exterior also limits the likelihood of burns if you touch the unit while it heats, which is another welcome safe space heater feature. However, you do not get a remote control for operating it without touching it at all.

The Vornado VH200 has a five-year manufacturer warranty, which is the longest warranty of all the electric heaters in this lineup. The warranty protects you against defects in manufacturing and equipment failure. You also get robust customer support, which you can reach via phone or email. The Vornado VH200 is an easy-to-use space heater that warms a small room in a fairly short time. It lacks a couple conveniences – a timer and a remote control – but it has some great safety and design features.

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