Pros / It can handle items that weigh as much as 22 pounds.

Cons / Kalorik’s warranty only lasts one year.

 Verdict / The Kalorik XL Digital Kitchen Scale is suitable for most households. It has a large display and is easy to clean.

The sleek, lightweight Kalorik XL Digital Kitchen Scale is attractive, and its glass surface is easy to clean. When we tested it, we also found it is easy to operate and accurate. In fact, it earned a 100-percent score in our accuracy tests.

While it is accurate, it is less consistent than other scales we reviewed. When we off-centered items on the platform, it displayed an incorrect weight a few times. This may be a problem for items like chicken breasts, which are long and tend to be thicker on one end than the other. However, these inconsistencies were infrequent, and overall, we really liked this scale.

The Kalorik XL Digital Kitchen Scale can weigh food in grams, ounces, pounds and milliliters – all the units of measurement most cooks need. However, other kitchen scales we reviewed can measure in kilograms or fluid ounces. If you often use those measurements when you cook, a different model may be better.

This kitchen scale can weigh foods as light as 0.1 ounces and as heavy as 22 pounds, which is the widest weight range of any model we reviewed. It also has a useful tare button that zeros out the weight of the container you’re measuring ingredients in so you get an accurate readout. This can make quite a difference, especially if you prefer to weigh ingredients for baking.

The Kalorik XL Digital Kitchen Scale’s minimalist design and brushed silver finish make it look stylish, and the display shows large, easy-to-read numbers. The two completely flat touch controls sit beneath the tempered glass platform. Its power button also serves as the tare button, and the unit button lets you set the unit of measurement. Because the entire surface is covered with tempered glass, the scale is easy to clean, which goes a long in avoiding foodborne illnesses. If you want a scale that costs a bit less, but offers excellent accuracy, you might like the Ozeri Touch II.

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