Pros / This food scale measures up to 18 pounds.

Cons / Its warranty only lasts one year.

 Verdict / The Ozeri Touch II is the best kitchen scale we tested because it’s stylish, accurate and versatile.

After a lot of testing and research we believe the Ozeri Touch II is the best food scale. It earned this top spot for several reasons. For example, it proved itself to be accurate. In addition, it has a high weight capacity, can show weight in multiple units of measurement and has an integrated display. Also, the Touch II has a modern, beautiful design with a touch interface.

This food scale earned a perfect score in our accuracy tests. It can weigh items as light as .1 ounces and as heavy as 18 pounds. This is one of the highest weight capacities of any food scale we reviewed. The Ozeri Touch II’s weighing area is a roomy 54 square inches – it isn’t the largest scale we reviewed, but it has more than enough space to weigh ingredients for a home-cooked meal.

To switch the unit of measurement, you press the button marked “unit” to the left of the display. You can switch results between pounds, ounces, fluid ounces, milliliters and grams – that’s more units than any other scale we tested. The only one it’s missing is kilograms.

The scale’s tare feature is another useful tool that allows you to zero out the weight of the container you are weighing ingredients in. When you add ingredients to the container, the scale will display only the weight of its contents. This is especially helpful when working with liquids, since you can’t weigh them without a container.

Most of the scales we reviewed are either purely functional or emphasize looks above performance. The Ozeri Touch II strikes a good balance between the two. It’s thin, simple and sleek. Many food scales are heavy and bulky, and the Touch II’s compact, lightweight design is refreshing and no doubt accounts in part for its popularity. The scale’s glass top is tough, so it likely won’t break if you drop something heavy on it.

The Ozeri Touch II’s integrated display is one of its standout features – it has large, backlit numbers that are easy to read in any lighting condition. To save battery power, this kitchen scale automatically shuts itself off after about three minutes, which is the longest idle time of the food scales we reviewed. If you don’t need all of the Touch II’s features, you might consider the less expensive Ozeri Pro II.

Ozeri covers this scale with a one-year warranty. The box includes some helpful extras like a user manual, a calorie guide and a U.S. Postal Service first-class letter rate guide.

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