Pros / This scale comes with a bowl attachment.

Cons / Its maximum weight capacity is 4.5 pounds.

 Verdict / The WeighMax Digital Kitchen Scale is basic, difficult to use and not as accurate as other models we tested.

Unlike the other scales we reviewed, the WeighMax Digital Kitchen Scale comes with a bowl attachment. However, that is one of its few exceptional features. It has one of the lowest weight capacities of any food scale we reviewed – just 4.5 pounds. It is also more difficult to use than other models we tested and isn’t as accurate as the best scales.

In our testing, we found the WeighMax would randomly change the weight it displayed for objects, but these fluctuations were minimal. You can minimize variances by locking the bowl attachment in place to keep it from jiggling. Even so, serious cooks should be aware that this scale is not as precise as others.

The WeighMax Digital Kitchen Scale is made of plastic and looks plain. If often feels wobbly, and the weighing platform comes off quite easily, which exposes the scale’s inner workings. Granted, removing the platform makes it easier to clean. However, it puts the scale at risk of damage from water and other contaminants. The bowl attachment is also made of plastic, and you can put it in the dishwasher.

This digital kitchen scale measures food in pounds, ounces, grams and kilograms, which is standard fare. However, unlike the other models we tested, you can’t switch between units while you use it. If you want to switch from one measurement to another, you must pick up the scale, turn it over and flip a switch on the bottom. The best kitchen scales let you change measurement units from the main interface. If you want a modestly priced food scale that is more user-friendly, try the EatSmart Precision Pro.

The device uses four AA batteries, which can power the scale for several months. To conserve power, the WeighMax Digital Kitchen Scale automatically turns off after one and a half minutes.

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