The HomeStart Pasta Maker allows you to make a variety of pasta noodles out of raw dough. With this pasta making machine, you can experience fresh pasta in your own home.

The appliance's chrome-plated metal construction is reflective and resists corrosion and oxidization. This machine operates using an ABS plastic crank handle. In most cases, you will want to use the included C-clamp while you are rolling pasta dough to secure the device to the edge of your kitchen counter. Fastening the noodle maker is not required for it to work, but it steadies the device while you crank.

The attachable cutters have different sizes, which allow you to choose between thin spaghetti noodles and wide fettuccine. A knob on the side of the machine turns to adjust the thickness of the pasta as it pushes through the rollers. You can turn the dial to nine different thicknesses between 0.3 and 2.5 millimeters. HomeStart's engineers chose anodized aluminum for the cutters and rollers. The purpose of this material is to grab the pasta as it rolls and cuts.

This machine does not have attachments for pasta shapes other than spaghetti and fettuccine. The company's catalog does not sell any add-ons for the pasta machine that let you cut other shapes. If you want to purchase extra attachments, examine the CucinaPro Imperia Pasta Machine.

This device does come with a recipe booklet that has instructions on making pasta dough, cooking directions for different dishes and other information. Its purpose is teaching beginners how to make pasta and supplying experienced cooks with recipes.

The appliance is approximately 8.2 inches long, 6.2 inches wide and 7.8 inches high. It weighs about 6 pounds. The measurements for your pasta maker are important because they determine the size of the rollers and the maximum width of your pasta sheets. If you have limited counter space and do not plan to use the device often, the weight is also important to remember because you may want to unclamp and store the machine in between uses.

The included instruction manual has information on cleaning and maintaining your appliance. The metal construction prohibits you from using soap and water. HomeStart recommends using a dry cloth and brush to clean the device. The brush and cloth are not included with your pasta maker.

The HomeStart Pasta Maker lets you create a couple different types of noodles out of pasta dough. You can choose from nine levels of thickness for a variety of results. It also includes a recipe book with information on pasta making. However, it lacks attachments to make different shapes out of the dough.

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