The Roma Electric Pasta Machine by Weston is an electric noodle maker that lets you feed your pasta dough through the combing mechanism to create strips of ready-to-cook pasta. The model offers nine different levels of thickness to choose from for your dough.

To maintain a smooth and even cut, the pasta maker has fast and slow settings so you can control the speed of dough flowing through the machine. Because of the setup of the machine, you have to hold the sheets of pasta as they feed through the combing tool. The dough must be the proper thickness before entering the machine to avoid clogging. When you open the safety cover, the machine automatically stops power going to it to avoid accidents.

The pasta cutter is adjustable to nine different settings for thickness, starting at 0.10 inches thick. While shaping your dough, you cannot adjust the thickness for fettuccine or spaghetti, but you can modify most other pastas. The rollers are 5.75 inches wide, so you can make broad noodles like lasagna or thinner ones with the shapers. The machine comes with a manual that covers general usage and care directions. The booklet also features recipes for butternut squash ravioli, venison pho, venison ravioli and soba noodles. This benefits those who don't know where to start when it comes to making their own pasta.

Along with the built-in pasta cutter, this pasta machine comes with a cleaning brush to reach the smaller areas within the grooves. This is slightly awkward to clean, and the electrical mechanism makes it impossible to submerge in water. You must do all cleaning with a dry cloth or by running additional pasta dough through the machine to pick up excess oil and flour. If you prefer less cleaning, take a look at the hand-cranked HomeStart Pasta Maker.

The pasta maker has a one-year warranty from the manufacturer and covers defects in labor or parts by the company. In order for this warranty to be valid, there is a warranty card in the box that you must submit to the manufacturer by mail within 30 days of purchase.

This machine is available in red with a steel accent. It requires being plugged in to a standard 120-volt outlet and features a 90-watt motor. It weighs 18 pounds and is small enough to fit in an average-size kitchen cabinet.

The Weston Roma Electric Pasta Machine is a good beginner machine, but it does require a regular amount of upkeep. It helps those who are new to the pasta-making process with the varying settings, but it does not offer a tray for resting the dough while it rolls through the cutter.

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