The Williams-Sonoma Imperia Pasta Machine is a hand-driven pasta maker that provides two color options. It is compact and fits well on your countertop or in your cabinets.

The colored section of the machine is made of coated enamel for the hue, and the rollers are made up of chromed steel, which is also nickel-plated to minimize the amount of pasta dough that sticks to it. The pasta machine uses a wooden handle with a comfortably designed grip for extended use. Along the bottom, rubber grips hold the machine in place to provide you with a strong stance during use. To further strengthen your grip, the kit includes an attachable C-clamp to secure it to your countertop. This is not a permanent attachment to the countertop.

With each pasta recipe, a hand crank drives the machine. This requires slow and steady rotation as the dough flows through. A manual homemade pasta maker is not beneficial for those with joint problems and other physical difficulties, since this requires a bit of muscle power to operate the machine. If you have the capacity to manage the speed accordingly, though, this allows you to take control of the pace so you don't fall behind as the newly formed noodles pile up. Your dough rests in the attachable tray as it is drawn through the rollers and onto the countertop, cutting board or bowl you place below it. If the hand crank causes aching muscles, take a look at the electric Philips Avance Collection Pasta Maker.

This pasta machine includes two different types of rollers. The first option is a solid sheet to create flat pieces of pasta, while the other uses a combing technique to make streams of pasta. This allows you to create fettuccine, linguine and similarly shaped pasta. Attachments are available to make ravioli, but they are sold separately and add to the total cost of the machine. This accessory does the rolling and stuffing for each batch of ravioli before crimping the edges, making it an addition to consider purchasing.

This machine requires in-depth cleaning and cannot be put in the dishwasher for cleanup. To maintain the smooth running of the rollers, you must occasionally apply oil and work it through manually by rotating the handle. This machine was manufactured in Italy and is exclusive to the Williams-Sonoma line of products.

The Williams-Sonoma Imperia Pasta Machine uses a classic design to make pasta, but it is limited by which shapes it can make with the included cutter set. In order to expand the repertoire of pastas it can make, you'll need to purchase accessories.

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