Pros / This compactor is budget-friendly.

Cons / It doesn’t have an air freshening system.

 Verdict / The Kenmore 14729 trash compactor includes most of the features found on more expensive machines, but it is substantially less expensive.

The budget-friendly Kenmore 14729 trash compactor does everything expensive garbage compactors do and includes most of the same features, though it doesn’t have an air freshening system. Also, it costs about half as much as the other models we reviewed. The machine has a compaction ratio of 4-to-1, which means it can compress four bags of trash into one. That can significantly cut back on the number of trips you make to the curb.

This Kenmore model comes in four colors: black, white, silver and an off-white shade called “bisque.” You can choose to use it as a built-in or freestanding kitchen appliance.

This machine is quiet and easy to use. For example, you open it with the toe bar on the bottom of the machine – you simply press the bar and the machine opens. That way, you don’t have to put down your trash bags to open the compactor. The control panel sits at the top of the machine and doesn’t have many buttons. Also, the panel is flush with the machine, so it’s easy to wipe clean.

The compactor’s tilting side-release feature makes it easy to remove compacted trash – you don’t have to bend over or pull a heavy, compressed bag of trash straight up and out of the machine. You can also take the empty drawer out when you want to clean it and the inside of the trash compactor. For safety, you can lock the machine with a removable key. This keeps children from playing with the compactor and hurting themselves. This trash compactor is covered by a one-year warranty for parts and labor, which is the industry standard.

Unfortunately, unlike more expensive machines, this Kenmore model doesn’t have a built-in air freshening system. This may be worrisome for some homeowners, but if cost is a primary concern, this Kenmore trash compactor’s price and many other features far outweigh that one exclusion. If you want a Kenmore-brand trash compactor that includes an air freshening system, take a look at the Kenmore Elite 14733.

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