Pros / This KitchenAid trash compactor is quiet.

Cons / It is somewhat expensive compared to our top-ranked model.

 Verdict / The KitchenAid KTTS505EPA works well, is quiet and does a fine job of reducing odors, but its price tag is somewhat high.

The KitchenAid KTTS505EPA is a powerful, 1.4-cubic-foot trash compactor with a 5-to-1 compaction ratio, which means it can compress five bags of garbage down to one. During our research, we found that its 1/3 HP engine is quiet.

This KitchenAid compactor looks sleek and comes in black, stainless steel or white. There is also a panel-ready option that lets you customize the machine to look like your cabinets so it blends in with your kitchen.

The KTTS505EPA has a full-swinging, reversible door and a full-extension trash bucket. As such, it’s easy to wipe down the hard-to-reach corners when you clean the machine because the bucket can roll completely out of the compactor. Since cleaning a trash compactor is not the most pleasant job in the first place, these touches help considerably. The bucket front also lowers to make it easy to change the bag when the compactor is full.

KitchenAid outfitted this trash compactor with its Solid Pack technology, which can reduce the volume of garbage your household creates by up to 80 percent – that means fewer trips to the curb for garbage pickup. It also has technology that makes it run quietly, so you shouldn’t notice it running unless you stand right next to it.

Odor is a common worry for trash compactor owners – people tend to fear that keeping trash around longer will make their kitchen smelly. However, this KitchenAid model uses fans and charcoal filters to trap odors and minimize smell, and this air freshening system requires very little maintenance.

The KitchenAid KTTS505EPA is a beautiful built-in trash compactor. However, if you want a basic, portable machine and looks aren’t as important, consider the Gladiator Garage Compactor GACP15XXMG.

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