Pros / Maytag includes a remarkable 10-year warranty on parts.

Cons / The foot pedal that opens the compactor isn’t as easy to use as those on some other models.

 Verdict / The Maytag MTUC7500AFM is worth considering because it works well, includes an odor-reduction system and has a 5-to-1 trash compaction ratio.

The Maytag MTUC7500AFM is a 1.4-cubic-foot trash compactor that our research shows works well. Further, in addition to the industry-standard one-year appliance warranty, Maytag includes an exceptional 10-year warranty on parts. No other trash compactor we reviewed has as long of a warranty.

This Maytag trash compactor has a 5-to-1 compaction ratio, which means it can compress five bags of garbage down to a single bag. This reduces the volume of garbage you need to take to the curb for trash pickup by up to 80 percent. As such, it is one of the better compactors we reviewed.

The MTUC7500AFM also has a functional design and is relatively straightforward to use. The dials and buttons are prominently displayed on the top of the machine, so they are easy to reach and adjust.

Like other good-quality compactors we researched, the Maytag MTUC7500AFM uses a fan and charcoal filter to control offensive odors so they don’t permeate your kitchen. However, as with any trash compactor, it's best to avoid using it to dispose of things like raw meat, fish, diapers or similarly pungent items – no compactor is equipped to eliminate all unpleasant smells.

One drawback to this otherwise helpful machine is its foot pedal – it isn’t as easy to use as others. On the plus side, it sticks out just far enough to give you easy access without being in the way. However, with many of the compactors we reviewed, you simply nudge the foot pedal and the drawer opens wide enough for you to place your garbage inside. With this Maytag model, you need to use the handle on the front to pull the drawer open wide enough for garbage after you release it with the foot pedal.

This sleek trash compactor comes in three colors: silver, black and white. However, unlike the KitchenAid KTTS505EPA, you can’t add a custom panel to make it look like your cupboards.

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