The Craftsman 77380 provides the convenience of a wheeled walk-behind edger with the power of a 29 cc gas engine. The double-edge blade lets you choose the depth you need when giving a neat edge to your garden, sidewalk or curb.

This gas edger has a four-cycle engine with a high torque that keeps the machine moving. The four-cycle engine means you do not have to mix the gas and oil. The pull-start system lets you start the engine with a single easy pull. This machine offers the option for a push-button start so you do not have to pull the cord to start the motor, but it requires a 1,000 rpm power drill to engage.

The three plastic-coated wheels with treaded tires help you control the edger's movement along sidewalks, curbs and flower beds, which makes it easy to push in straight lines despite its 21-pound weight. The third wheel makes it possible to set a precise course and follow it smoothly.

The double-edged blade is made of steel, and the material's durability allows you to sharpen the blade as needed and slows wear with appropriate use. The blade is 9 inches wide, making it possible to edge around tough roots. There are five different cutting positions, and this edger allows simple height adjustment so that edging over changing terrain is less of a chore. The maximum cutting depth is 1.75 inches.

The handle of this lawn-edging machine is comfortably cushioned and adjustable. It provides you with precise control, and the machine is easy to store in a tool shed or other storage facility when the job is over.

This mower can cost up to $200, if you need a cheaper model, consider our value pick - GreenWorks 27032.

This gas edger comes with a two-year full warranty from the date of sale. The warranty offers protection from defects in workmanship and materials. Proof of sale provides free repair or replacement by the seller. However, parts that wear out from you using the edger in a way not recommended by the manufacturer will not be replaced under this warranty.

The Craftsman 77380 is suitable for large or small lawns and gardens. It provides adjustable cutting heights and is easy to start. The gas-powered engine makes edging quick and convenient, and it comes with a full warranty that protects your investment.

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