The Southland SWLE0799 performs well as a regular walk-behind lawn edger and provides extra benefits as well. This easy-starting gas edger comes with a triangular 9-inch blade and a lever near the handle that offers five depth options. You can choose just the right depth to cut for your project, whether it is lawn, curb or garden edging.

Adjusting the cutting depth of this gas edger also adjusts its reach, allowing for bevel cutting further from the walkway. When you cut at a deeper level, the machine operates as a trencher. The angle of the blade is adjustable to -15 degrees, 0 degrees or 15 degrees, so you can give your yard a custom look with different cut angles.

Curb edging with this edger is simple and efficient. Its front and back adjustable wheels adapt to the curb and area you want to edge. Once the wheels are in position to line up the cutting edge, lowering the wheels makes the machine level. A support rod adds stability. This provides an easy and safe way to trim along the curb.

This gas edger has a four-cycle engine, so you don't have to mix oil with gasoline for it to function properly. A bottle of engine oil is included with the purchase. Although this model does not have a push-button start, it comes with an easy-pull recoil start. The machine weighs 60 pounds, which is considerably heavier (but not the heaviest, which was Ariens 986103) than an electric edger, so it's not as maneuverable. However, this weight gives the edger stability, so it doesn't rattle around when you edge tough areas. It holds 1.7 liters of 88-octane regular unleaded gasoline, which is enough to get you through an entire project without refueling.

While this lawn edger cuts deeply, you have to start out garden edging with a shallow cut and progress downward to the deepest level by making repeated passes so as not to stress the machine. This edger has a two-year limited warranty, and it is simple to order replacement parts if necessary.

The Southland SWLE0799 provides a lot of power and the convenience of not having to wrestle with a cord as you would with an electric edger. It also offers a variety of cutting depths and edging options that make it a versatile edger you can adjust to give your yard the best look.

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