The Yard Machines 140cc is a gas lawn edger that's best for large yards with numerous walkways, curbs or gardens. This machine boasts a powerful engine capable of driving the blade through tough overgrowth or hard terrain without an issue.

This gas edger uses a 140 cc, four-cycle Briggs & Stratton engine, so you don't have to create a fuel-oil mixture to operate this machine. This powerful engine rips right through tough overgrowth and terrain, so you can edge around your sidewalks, driveway, curbs and gardens without an issue. You use a pull cord to get the engine up and running, which isn't as easy as a push button, but the lawn edger still starts up without too much stress.

While the motor delivers a lot of power, it's not the most poweful machine we reviewed. That honor goes to the Troy-Bilt TB516 EC.

You can select one of three different beveled cutting positions so that you can give your yard or garden a customized appearance. You can raise or lower the 9-inch blade in six different positions, allowing you to cut up to 2.25 inches deep.

The edger has two 8-inch wheels in the back and a 7-inch front wheel. The wheels are durable and highly stable, meaning you can control the machine on tough or uneven terrain. The edger weighs 62 pounds, so it is more difficult to maneuver than some other edgers, particularly electric edgers, but this also means it provides a steady, stable cut.

When you're not using this edger, such as when summer is over, you can fold the handle over the machine to make it more compact for storage. The machine also includes a loop handle control, so you simply let the handle go to turn the edger off.

This model has a two-year warranty that covers defects in material or workmanship. The warranty does not cover any instance in which the edger has been misused, abused, altered, or neglected intentionally or accidentally.

The Yard Machines 140cc is a powerful gas edger that can carve through tough overgrowth. This machine is best for large yards and numerous areas that need edging, as it makes quick work out of any project.

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