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Pros / Its modular insulation system makes it easy to access components in the cabinet.

Cons / There are only seven hot tub models to choose from.

 Verdict / ThermoSpas has affordable hot tubs in all the popular sizes.

Editor’s Note: This brand has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks in the top ten. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

We contacted every manufacturer we reviewed to obtain a quote for an affordable five- to six-person hot tub, and ThermoSpas quoted us the lowest price. Its missing some of the add-ons and accessories the best manufacturers offer, but if price and warranty coverage are your biggest concerns, ThermoSpas is a good place to start your search. However, if you want a luxury spa with lots of extras, consider contacting Sundance Spas or Bullfrog Spas first.

ThermoSpas has eight types of hot tub jets. Swirl Jets oscillate to massage wide areas. Laser Jets are smaller but produce very powerful, fine jet streams that pinpoints and massages joints. Pillow Jets are headrests with a jet stream that targets your neck and upper shoulders. Some spa models allow you to pick and choose the types of jets you want to include.

You can upgrade any hot tub jet stream package to include the Total Control Therapy system. This system allows each person to control the jet streams on their individual seat. For example, they can make the streams more or less powerful, depending on their individual preference.

The ThermoSpas lounge seat, also known as the Wave Lounge, lets you lie down in your hot tub while nearly 60 jets massage your body from your neck to your feet. It comes with individual controls for each jet, so you choose to just massage one muscle group at a time. Most hot tub manufacturers make reclining lounge seats, but not all let you control the jets in them like the Wave Lounge does.

ThermoSpas organizes its spas into three series. The Fitness series offers models designed for exercise or therapy massage and includes a swim spa model. The Aquatic and Designer series are both leisure spa collections. Here are a few models from the latter two series:

Maui: The Maui is a small hot tub with seating for up to three people. It is small enough to fit through a standard door, which means it’s a good option if you want an indoor spa.

This hot tub comes standard with 25 jet streams, but you can opt to add more – up to a total of 62 jets. Plus, you can choose to include the Total Control Therapy system. The Maui comes with a wide lounge seat with armrests and Pillow Jets.

Park Avenue: The Park Avenue is one of the company's best-selling models. It seats five adults and has a minimum of 42 jet streams. You can add extra jets to bring the total to 118.

It includes a reversible lounge, which means two people can enjoy a reclining water massage at the same time. A single person can also enjoy two types of massage in the lounger, since each end has different jets. Pillow Jets come standard, and the spa can be upgraded to include the Total Control Therapy system.

Manhattan: The Manhattan is the largest hot tub in ThermoSpas’ catalog. It’s designed to hold up to 172 jet streams, though you can opt to have as few as 56, depending on the features and upgrades you wish to include. The Manhattan seats eight adults and includes two extra-long lounge areas with headrests.

It features a built-in ice bucket and Pillow Jets, making it a good option for entertaining and relaxing. Upgrade options include the Total Control Therapy system, deluxe LED lighting package and two ozone sanitation systems.

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