For easy use and maneuverability, the Craftsman 120-Volt Electric Mini Tiller is a good choice. However, because it is a corded model, it does have some limitations.

The tiller offers 120 volts of continuous power and is easy to start, as it doesn't have a pull-cord start mechanism: You simply plug it in, press the on button, and away you go. There are some benefits of having an electric tiller, such as no emissions, no odor, quiet operation and easy starting. However, the cord does restrict your movement and, even with the pre-installed cord guard that attempts to keep the cord away from the tines, you must still take extra care to ensure the trailing power cord does not get caught in the tines or beneath the machine. Even with a safety cutoff, this is still a potentially dangerous hazard.

This model tills to a depth of 5 inches. While this is a reasonable depth for a low-end model and makes the tiller suitable for general bed maintenance, you cannot adjust the depth. The tilling width, however, is adjustable, from 6 inches to 10 inches. This provides enough versatility to till between relatively narrow rows and to till over small and medium-sized beds. With a maximum tilling width of 10 inches, the machine isn't well suited to large areas, due to the length of time it takes to till and the number of passes you'd need to make to effectively till a substantial area.

Using forward-rotating middle or vertical tines, this garden tiller doesn't have the power for heavily compacted soils, heavy clay or cutting virgin ground. It only weighs 22 pounds, though, so it makes an excellent choice for performing general maintenance on existing beds with reasonable soil quality. The weight also makes it appealing if you lack the strength to handle heavy-duty tillers effectively. The lightweight nature of the Craftsman tiller also makes it exceptionally easy to lift and maneuver, allowing you to till with a high degree of accuracy and without exerting much physical energy.

The loop-style handle isn't as robust as plow-style handles, nor does it provide as much control. However, given the weight and agility of the machine, it doesn't need plow handles. It lacks side guards or bumpers, but because it offers a high degree of control, you shouldn't need them. All things considered, the Craftsman 120-Volt Electric Mini Tiller is a solid offering in the low-end tiller range. It offers enough power and strength for small and medium-sized gardens, weighs very little, and is agile and easy to use.

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