Home automation is a huge part of any smart home, and a key component to this is updating your light switches with smart lighting. This means installing a light switch capable of remote operation through your Android or iOS devices. The Ankuoo NEO Wi-Fi Light Switch is one such switch that comes with a free app through which you can access your lights and set timers for anti-theft precautions to better conserve energy and give your home a lived-in look when you’re away.

This smart light switch sports a modern design of a simple single-touch, high-gloss finish faceplate that sports power and network connectivity LED lights. When the light is off, the power LED light illuminates so you can easily locate a switch in the dark. It also indicates its connection to the internet with the network LED, so you can always ensure the light is accessible from your smartphone. Belkin Wemo, another light switch we looked at, has a similar design.

One of the more popular features of smart lighting controls is the ability to control lights from other locations, whether in the house, on the road or at work. Through the use of the free NEO app, you can access each smart light switch you’ve installed and perform several functions. You can control the simple task of turning the light on and off, or you can set up schedule timers, up to a total of 16. With these timers, you can determine when a light should turn on or off, in case you leave the porch light on at night or you’re away on vacation and want your lights on to deter burglars.

This light controller is designed to work with mobile devices using iOS 6.0 and Android 4.0 and newer. These units are not compatible with three-way switches, however, and are intended solely for use in single location switches. As with all smart light controllers, you shouldn’t install this switch with a metal faceplate as it creates strong interference in accessing or controlling the light.

The Ankuoo NEO Wi-Fi Light Switch is a straightforward and powerful wireless lighting control, allowing you to control light switches from the comfort of your phone or tablet. Even if you simply want a switch capable of creating programmable schedules for turning lights on and off, this device gives you all the control you need to conserve energy and keep your home secure. While you need multiple switches for each light you want to control, it still helps put you on the way to creating that dream smart home.

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