The Belkin Wemo Light Switch is offers smart lighting in the truest sense, giving you incredible control over your lighting through an award-winning mobile app. The switch even looks like technology you'd expect in a smart home. Combined with its customizable options, easy installation and modular design, this is a device that will propel your home into an age of technology.

The main appeal behind smart lighting controls, such as those from Belkin Wemo and Lutron, is their ability to connect to your home's wireless network. While you can control the switch like any other traditional switch and tap its face to turn a light on or off, you can also extend your range of use and control it through a mobile app. The app allows you to remotely activate a light and schedule when it turns on and off. The app also keeps track of how long a light has been on and even estimates the electrical cost for that session of activity as well as for the month.

The wireless lighting control is designed to replace an existing switch, and comes with both the new switch and a faceplate. The manufacturer warns users against using this switch with metal faceplates as this interferes with the wireless signal. And, like most other smart switches, this unit is not compatible with lights controlled by more than one switch. If you do have a metal faceplate for the switch, this device comes with its own faceplate that seamlessly clicks onto the wall without needing screws.

This smart light switch is designed to work with an assortment of Wemo products that all operate in tandem via the app. Using this, you can control much more of your home, from light switches to outlets to smart bulbs and motion detectors. This further emphasizes its practical use as an element of true home automation. And to give you extra peace of mind, the device comes with a one-year warranty to protect against manufacturing defects.

For a low cost, you can purchase the Belkin Wemo Light Switch to further automate your modern home. The Wemo technology used in this switch is also found in numerous other products to help you monitor their usage anywhere and anytime. Through the use of a mobile app, you can manage this light controller and set it to a schedule while you're on vacation or remotely access your home for turning off that light you accidentally left on downstairs.

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