When it comes to turning your home into a smart home, one of the first steps is installing smart lighting. Switches like the Chamberlain WSLCEV are easy to install and can be controlled remotely via a mobile app. Using this app you can activate and deactivate switches, control your garage and set up alerts for when a switch is used. Each of these allows you to stay informed of your home’s status and aware of any potential intruders while you’re away.

This is a true wireless lighting control, allowing you to access it from anywhere through your smartphone, tablet or even a remote control. The app is a useful resource in that it actively monitors the status of all your light switches. An upside to this control over others is that it can even be used to control your garage door, giving you a different way to gain access to your home without the need for a remote.

The app gives you easy access to each of your smart lighting controls, allowing you to see how long a light has been active. The app also provides a list of alerts you can utilize to stay on top of when something in your house is activated. For example, the app notifies you if the garage door opens or if you forgot to close it, even while you’re away.

This smart light switch requires the use of an additional piece of equipment that connects it with your internet router. You can purchase either the MyQ Internet Gateway or a MyQ CIGBU device, which is optimized for connecting directly to your router. The lighting control will automatically connect to either of these devices when detected, and it gives you remote access via a mobile device.

The Chamberlain WSLCEV gives you absolute control over your lighting. The switch itself is simple in design and installation, but the mobile app lets you truly expand its application. It keeps you informed of the status of your home – whether the garage door is opened or a light is turned on – an invaluable asset for home security and power saving.

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