The GE In-Wall Lighting Control is a smart light switch designed to connect you remotely with the lighting controls of your house. By connecting these switches to a hub, you can then activate them with your mobile device. The switch even utilizes the industry standard of Z-Wave wireless technology, which is used in many smart devices to ensure you achieve the highest level of connectivity for your smart home.

To pair this switch with a smartphone, you’ll need a SmartThings Hub, which is sold separately. This hub connects directly to your router and acts as a connecting point for smart lighting controls. With the hub, you can then utilize a mobile app to control your lights remotely and set triggers for when they turn on or off.

The light controller is designed to replace your current light switch and utilizes all of your existing wiring, with the advantage of Z-Wave wireless in addition to in-wall control over your lights. Z-Wave is an industry standard for enabling wireless communication between your household appliances and mobile devices. This communication gateway is commonly used for many home automation applications beyond light controls.

The wireless lighting control itself is designed quite simply to look like any other switch, but with a small difference. In addition to the power switch, it also has a small LED light and connection button. The light plays a useful role in both indicating the switch’s active status as well as helping you find the switch in the dark. The button is used to reset the control and help you connect to it through the SmartThings Hub.

The GE In-Wall Lighting Control is a modern light switch for your smart home. Through the addition of a connection hub, you can access and control your home’s light switches from anywhere with your smartphone. Its simple design, easy installation and LED indicator for locating the switch in the dark all add convenience. It's a worthy device for any modern smart home.

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