The Leviton VRI06-1LZ helps you take a large step toward having a smart home. You can control these smart lighting switches remotely through a smartphone app to identify lights that are on, control their dimness levels and more. Thanks to the convenience of the app, you can easily turn lights on and off even if you’re not in the same geographic location. The app, combined with the design of the switch, gives you greater control over your home so you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving lights on and wasting power.

At its core, this smart light switch is designed to replace a single light switch. But by connecting multiple switches within your home, you gain access to each of them from the Wink app. This app is designed for full home automation, and allows you to control other aspects of your home that may be set up for smart automation, such as the thermostat, door locks and alarms. When you access your lights through the app, it displays all connected lights and allows you to turn them on or off, or even set a specific level of dimness.

The light controller also allows you to set up fade rates for how quickly a light will turn off or on. With more than 49 rates to pick between, you can achieve fades that range from soft to instant. Using the app, you can set both a minimum and maximum brightness level. The minimum level indicates at what threshold the light will simply turn off as it dims. The maximum level is a preset value so that when you turn on the light, it automatically goes to that level of brightness.

The switch itself is designed with several features that increase its usability as a smart lighting control. Along the bottom of the wireless lighting control is a small indicator light to show its network connectivity. Along the top are the buttons to dim the lights. In its center is the switch for simply turning a light on and off.

The Leviton VRI06-1LZ is an excellent smart lighting control, giving you access to multiple switches in your home from an app interface. Adding more of these controls to your home only increases your smart home’s level of automation. The switch also acts as a dimmer, giving you the ability to increase the life of your light bulbs while also allowing you to set soft lighting in locations like a theater room.

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