The Maestro Wireless Smart Dimmer smart lighting system gives you access to the other switches in your home and can be accessed using a programmable remote control. A single switch is capable of controlling multiple other light switches, and even allows you to dim lights. Combined with a remote that is likewise able to access multiple switches, this device helps you easily access multiple parts of your house from one spot.

This smart light switch is designed to work with both incandescent and halogen lights alike with a power output of up to 600 watts. It comes equipped with a dimming switch so you can control the brightness of a light and potentially increase the lifespan of bulbs. Each switch can be associated with up to seven lighting controls, which means you can control the lights in the bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom from the same control. This is of course only possible where other Maestro light controllers are installed.

The light switch is designed to replace your existing switch and comes with a white plastic frame that is easy to mount. It uses all of your existing wires and only requires a 120-volt AC to power it. Once the switch is installed, you can load it with preset lighting levels for one-tap operation. So if you always prefer low lighting in your theater room, you simply tap the switch on and it will automatically adjust to that desired level of brightness.

While this lighting system can't be controlled through a mobile app, it is a wireless lighting control in that it is accessible through a remote control. The remote has a range of up to 100 feet when the switch is in line of sight, or 30 feet if going through a wall, and can be associated with up to 10 of these smart lighting controls. Multiple remotes can be associated with the same lighting switches, so you can place several remotes through the house or have several backups ready in case one gets lost.

Whereas other smart lighting controls, such as Belkin Wemo, come with mobile app capabilities, the Maestro Wireless Smart Dimmer does not. However, it puts you in control of many of your home’s light switches from a single switch. And, just as important, it helps you reduce electrical expenses from leaving lights on.

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