ThermoSpas review

With 20 models on offer, ThermoSpas doesn’t have the most extensive hot tub range, but it has some of the highest jet counts and great customizable features.

ThermoSpas review
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If you want to go all out on a new tub, ThermoSpas has plenty to offer, with extensive customization options for plenty of choice.


  • +

    Extensive warranties

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    Added options for extra safety available

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    High number of jets on some models


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    Limited pricing info online

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If you’re looking for a hot tub that will become part of the family, ThermoSpas is a wise choice. With just 20 models available, their hot tub range isn’t the most extensive out there. However, the varied designs and jet options can be personalized to fit in with your ideal vision.

If hydrotherapy is your primary concern, it should be good news that ThermoSpas has seven models with over 60 jets. This goes all the way up to 125 jets on the Manhattan II (Diamond) model. Filtration technology has also been added to the hot tub designs, meaning that less maintenance is required. That also makes for a more fuss-free experience overall.

Since the tubs at ThermoSpas are so customizable, this is also reflected in the flexibility of the pricing. According to the website, "you only pay for the features you want". That means that you won’t have to pay out extra for features you’re not interested in or compromise the features you want just to keep your spending down.

One of the most unusual aspects of ThermoSpas is that it also sells hot tubs directly to the customer, rather than through a local dealer. Getting a tub straight from the factory, and not from the showroom, is partly what makes ThermoSpas so affordable. 

With good warranty options and additional safety features, the ThermoSpas hot tub range is as practical as it is customisable. If you’re looking for the best hot tubs with good warranties and personalizable options, the brand should be high up on your list.

ThermoSpas: Models and choice

Compared to other hot tub brands, there’s not as much choice when it comes to choosing a ThermoSpas hot tub. The 20 hot tub models are spread across three collections named the Designer Series, the Ensemble Series, and the Genesis Series.

Its ‘design a hot tub’ feature makes it easy to work out which collection suits your needs. If you’re looking for a mid-level or luxury hot tub, that will be easy, because 14 out of ThermoSpa’s 18 hot tub models are contained within the Designer Series and they range from mid-level to premium and luxury tubs.

The Ensemble Series is where you should start your search if you’re looking for a budget hot tub. Both hot tubs, the Charleston and the Memphis, are entry-level and seat five or six people. They also both have 30 jets and one pump. 

While less spacious and less ergonomic than the Designer Series hot tubs, they prove that the range also caters to those on a budget. The Genesis series is also relatively budget-friendly, although they have slightly more features. The two hot tubs, the Atlantis and the Chesapeake, have up to 36 jets and deep therapy seats.

If your main reasoning behind investing in a hot tub is to speed up your recovery, increase athletic performance, or deal with aches and pains resulting from an active job, the Fitness Series has seven hot tubs designed for the ultimate hydrotherapy. The collection includes the brand’s deepest hot tub, the Aquacisor, and a selection of swim spas.

ThermoSpas: Features

The ThermoSpas website has information on a range of their features, with dedicated pages on lighting, shells and cabinets, jets, premium engineering, and energy saving. They have various LED lighting packages available, as well as a control button that enables you to switch between eight different colors. And if you’re invested in what the exterior of your tub will look like, ThermoSpas is certainly able to offer you a lot of choice. There are five colors to pick from when it comes to your shell, as well as a focus on the material the shell itself is made from.

Jets are the focal point of ThermoSpas manufacturing approach, with lots of choices given on exactly how many jets you may want, and where you’ll want them. With their ‘Total Control Therapy’ feature, each person within a tub can control the jets within their own seat, so they can adjust the intensity to suit their liking. Another hydrotherapy feature is the manufacturer’s ‘Wave Lounge’, which delivers a specialized massage through jets to each section of the body in turn. And the choice doesn’t stop there, with seven types of jet adding a further layer of customization. 

ThermoSpas review

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Though perhaps not as glamorous as other features, ThermoSpas tubs also have a range of quality pumps, filters and bubble systems available to be fitted. These are worth considering in order to get the most from your new appliance, as well as in order to keep everything clean and hygienic. 

Keep in mind that these extras are all in addition to the range of standardized features of each tub. For example, one of ThermoSpas bestsellers, the Concord model, already has built-in therapy seats for a deep massaging effect, as well as a removable and reversible ice bucket and shelf. So before you go all out on added extras, see if what you’re looking for is already neatly packed into an existing model.

ThermoSpas: Pricing and value

  • Mid, high and luxury pricing 
  • No specific pricing on the website 
  • Purchase available through ThermoSpas 

ThermoSpas has all budgets covered. Rather than providing exact prices for their hot tubs, they provide a handy filter which divides the 20 hot tubs into five different price ranges. Marked by one to five dollar signs, with the most expensive tubs falling to the higher category, it’s easy enough to tell apart the entry-level models from the luxury models without an exact price.

Only one hot tub model is included in the entry-level range. This is the same case for the luxury range. Therefore, the remaining 18 hot tub models are congregated in the mid-level to premium price range instead. 

To be precise, 12 hot tubs fall in the mid-level price range (with three of those having only two dollar signs) and five hot tubs are in the premium range.  This means that ThermoSpas caters mostly to those who want an even balance between budget and luxury. 

While there are no exact prices listed on the website, it only takes a quick enquiry to get an MSRP. ThermoSpas has a phone line where you can get a quote. They also provide free site inspection, where a technician can provide advice on location, installation costs, and maintenance, a huge benefit before you make your final decision.

Should you choose a ThermoSpas hot tub?

ThermoSpas doesn’t have an extensive range of hot tubs compared to other brands. However, the 18 hot tub models provide a good range of features and sizes for different budgets. 

Divided into distinct price ranges, it’s easy to get a sense for the cost of the tub upfront. On top of that, they offer free site inspection and delivery straight from the factory, reducing the overall costs and fuss involved in the buying process.

Overall, ThermoSpas will be an attractive option if you’re looking to add customisable features to your hot tub. With high jet counts available, they are also nicely geared towards hydrotherapy, making the brand very well-suited to anyone looking for a solution to soreness or pain.

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