ThermoSpas review

ThermoSpas aims to cater to all with its highly customizable tubs and jets, but does it have enough to earn a spot in your backyard?

ThermoSpas review
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If you want to go all out on a new tub, ThermoSpas has plenty to offer, with extensive customization options for plenty of choice.


  • +

    Extensive warranties

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    Added options for extra safety available

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    High number of jets on some models


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    Limited pricing info online

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ThermoSpas aim to deliver the best hot tubs (opens in new tab) with tailored customer service, which can be seen in their ‘Design a Hot Tub’ feature and extensive warranty provision. With up to 125 jets available on certain models, ThermoSpas are certainly dedicated to hydrotherapy too, so you can get an experience suited to relieving any aches and pains. For reference, most manufacturers only offer 20 jets per tub on average, while ThermoSpas offer around 70.

If you’re looking for a wide range of models, then competitors like Sundance Spas (opens in new tab) may have more options to choose from on your search. That said, ThermoSpas offers more of a personalized experience with the option to build a tub to your own tastes. The brand has a strong emphasis on their customers coming first, offering a free onsite inspection and quotation service for a no-fuss experience.

Founded in 1983, ThermoSpas is so dedicated to quality that they put their tubs under rigorous assurance checks before they reach your home. And if this wasn’t enough to assure confidence in their company, they also offer extended warranties on their products, with a ten-year warranty on all plumbing parts.

The nine tubs available through ThermoSpas can be sorted by their number of seats, which means it’s important to know just how big you want yours to be. And the choice doesn’t stop there, with custom options on everything from jets to beverage coolers. If this all sounds a bit bewildering, then worry not as we have partnered with BuyerZone to help you narrow down your choices. Simply add a few details into the survey below to get started.

ThermoSpas review: Pricing and value 

  • Mid, high and luxury pricing 
  • No specific pricing on the website 
  • Purchase available through ThermoSpas 

As is usual with most tub manufacturers, there are no pricing options available on the ThermoSpas website. However, as previously mentioned, they do have a service for a free site inspection and a phone line quotation service, so their prices should be accessible once you make inquiries. If you’re intent on more transparent pricing tiers, check out Jacuzzi (opens in new tab), which is a little more specific. 

The prices for ThermoSpas range between $4,000 to $22,000, though costs will vary from state to state, as well as be dependent on any add-ons and upgrades. Given that the ThermoSpas range is divided by the number of seats, the price is bound to increase depending on your capacity, with a maximum of 12 persons fitting in one of their largest tubs. Costs will also rise if you choose to add in any of the more intensive features, such as training equipment for rowing.

On the other end of the spectrum, ThermoSpas most compact tub, the Maui, which comes under their Aquatic series and seats two to three people, is likely to be the most affordable for anyone on a budget. Thankfully, even their smallest tub is customizable, from LED lighting to control of individual jets.

ThermoSpas review: Models and choice 

  • 10 models currently available in four series 

As previously mentioned, ThermoSpas’ focus is on custom-built models rather than an extensive set of standard tubs. That means that each model can offer more than the standard features stated on their website, and can be discovered through their quotation service.

On its website, ThermoSpas details its four collections. The first of these is the Aquatic Series, which caters to two to three persons and contains the Maui tub. Standard features included with the Maui are deep contoured hydrotherapy seats, LED underwater lighting, pillow jets for neck massage and a full insulation system. The Designer range, which seats four to five adults, holds the Concord, Atlantis, Park Avenue and Chesapeake models. These mid-size tubs are all quite different, with Park Avenue advertised as the most popular choice with customers; its standard features include wrap-around armrests and dual therapy seats.

Standing alone within the Executive collection is the Manhattan II, which can seat up to eight adults. This is a newly redesigned tub and has a slip-resistant footwell added for extra safety, as well as a ‘Pillowfall’ jet feature that gives a ‘cascading massage’ to your shoulders. The last category that ThermoSpas’ tubs fall into is the Fitness range, with models that can double as both a hot tub and a space to carry out low-impact exercise. Three tubs in this range are described as swim spas (opens in new tab), so they might be more suited to those looking for a dedicated exercising appliance, though each of them does still offer features for relaxation. 

ThermoSpas review

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ThermoSpas Review: Features

  • Features ranging from lighting to energy saving changes 

The ThermoSpas website has information on a range of their features, with dedicated pages on lighting, shells and cabinets, jets, premium engineering, and energy saving. They have various LED lighting packages available, as well as a control button that enables you to switch between eight different colors. And if you’re invested in what the exterior of your tub will look like, ThermoSpas is certainly able to offer you a lot of choice. There are five colors to pick from when it comes to your shell, as well as a focus on the material the shell itself is made from.

Jets are the focal point of ThermoSpas manufacturing approach, with lots of choices given on exactly how many jets you may want, and where you’ll want them. With their ‘Total Control Therapy’ feature, each person within a tub can control the jets within their own seat, so they can adjust the intensity to suit their liking. Another hydrotherapy feature is the manufacturer’s ‘Wave Lounge’, which delivers a specialized massage through jets to each section of the body in turn. And the choice doesn’t stop there, with seven types of jet adding a further layer of customization. 

Though perhaps not as glamorous as other features, ThermoSpas tubs also have a range of quality pumps, filters and bubble systems available to be fitted. These are worth considering in order to get the most from your new appliance, as well as in order to keep everything clean and hygienic. 

Keep in mind that these extras are all in addition to the range of standardized features of each tub. For example, one of ThermoSpas bestsellers, the Concord model, already has built-in therapy seats for a deep massaging effect, as well as a removable and reversible ice bucket and shelf. So before you go all out on added extras, see if what you’re looking for is already neatly packed into an existing model.

Should you choose a ThermoSpas tub? 

ThermoSpas are a great choice if you want reassurances on quality and customer service, with their marketing being catered to getting a tub that’s exactly right for you. With the range of add-ons and customizations possible, it’s no surprise that the price of a ThermoSpas tub may be more of an extravagance than anyone on a budget could cater to. 

There’s also less choice available compared to bigger manufacturers, and finding the perfect tub for you may mean more customization than simply picking out a ready-made model. If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative, then check out our Sundance Spas (opens in new tab) review. 

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