How a two-month free Peloton app trial can boost your health this year

How a two-month free Peloton app trial can boost your health this year
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If you’ve been wondering whether to take out a Peloton app membership to exercise at home, and you haven’t signed up before, now is the time as Peloton has extended its free trial period to two months for new customers. That means you’ll be able to access eight weeks of Peloton Digital, generally considered to be one of the best online fitness programs for varied workouts, without spending a dime. This offer is for new membership sign-ups only though.

The Peloton app is home to thousands of live and on-demand workout classes including cycling, running, HIIT, yoga, and body strength training. The app works on Android and iOS devices, including select fitness trackers such as the Apple Watch. You don’t need any Peloton gear to use the app either, as it has more than enough workouts to boost your health without needing home gym equipment. 

When you sign up for the two-month free trial, Peloton will take your credit card details, but if you decide the app isn't for you, simply cancel your membership within the two-month free trial period.

Since founding in 2012, Peloton has grown rapidly, developing a loyal fanbase around its world-beating exercise bikes and home treadmills. The Peloton app has further solidified that, opening up the home exercise brand to a bigger audience looking for expert-led online workout classes to try at home.

How the Peloton app can help boost your health

We know that exercise has proven mind-body benefits, but while it’s easy to start a new fitness routine, sticking to it can be tricky if you don’t vary your workouts. That’s because it’s easy to feel bored when doing the same exercises, day in, day out, and you may also plateau in terms of your health goals. The beauty of apps such as Peloton is the sheer variety of exercise classes on offer, and how they target different aspects of your physical and mental health.

Better heart health
Experts recommend cardio exercise to improve heart health, as regular cardio workouts can strengthen your heart and blood vessels, improve oxygen flow through your body, and lower your risk for heart disease. Cardio exercise also lowers your blood pressure and cholesterol. 

The Peloton app has thousands of cardio workouts, including spin class, bootcamp, HIIT, weight training, and running. The classes operate at different intensities too, with some being moderate-intensity and some being vigorous-intensity. If you missed it, the WHO recently updated its physical activity guidelines, stating that people aged 18-64 should aim for 150-300 minutes of moderate intensity exercise a week, or 75-150 minutes of vigorous intensity. For a cheaper way to monitor your activity, also read our guide to the best Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals.

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Better strength, flexibility, and posture
Many of us have been home-working for nearly a year now. For people without a good home office chair and desk, make-shift working on the sofa or at kitchen tables has led to posture problems and back and neck pain. The lack of a daily commute has also led to a more sedentary lifestyle for many. All of that combined takes its toll on the body, but there are ways to unwind some of the damage. 

Yoga is chief here, helping to stretch out the body, unwind tension held in the muscles, and to begin building up your strength and flexibility. The Peloton app is home to a growing range of Yoga and Stretching classes for beginners up. It also has a dedicated Strength workout section, focusing on arms, legs, back, chest and core. 

Better mental health
Feeling stressed, overwhelmed and burnt out seemed to be the hallmarks of 2020. So if you only have a few minutes a day for one wellness practice this year, let it be meditation. This ancient practice focuses on deep breathing, which is highly relaxing, and encourages a greater sense of emotional calm. Meditation also helps you focus more, and to feel energized, productive and in control. 

While there are a raft of dedicated meditation apps out there, you may won’t more than just a straight mindfulness app - Peloton’s offering is therefore more varied. We’d recommend either starting your day with a meditation, or firing up the app close to bedtime, as soothing meditations can help you relax for sleep.

Of course, Peloton is far from the only brand offering extended free trials this month. The Chris Hemsworth wellness and nutrition brand, Centr, is also offering an extended free trial period - currently six weeks instead of one - until 12 January. You can also secure a 90-day free trial of Fitbit Premium (iOS, Android), providing you haven’t signed up for a trial previously. 

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