How to change the time on your oven

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Daylight savings is the ideal time to learn how to change the time on your oven, but day-to-day issues such as power outages will also find you yearning to know how. You might also find yourself the proud new owner of one of the best ovens that need setting up, in which case you'll need the right advice for the exact brand you've chosen. 

It can be tempting to simply leave the time on your oven until the clocks change once again, but it's actually a quick and simple task that will prevent any irritating flashing lights or beeping sounds. Correcting the clock on your oven isn't just helpful for checking the time, but it can also be handy while cooking to ensure your food 

Although it's a simple task, each manufacturer has a slightly different way of changing the clock, so instructions will vary. This is why we've enlisted the help of experts from the top brands, including Smeg, LG, and Bosch so that you can rest assured that you're receiving the best tips for your specific oven. 

How to change the time on your oven

Just like discovering how to clean oven glass, changing the time on an oven is something that's easy to avoid. It feels like one of those annoying household admin tasks that take longer than it really does, which is why we've asked the top brands for quick steps to follow. 

 If your oven is from a smaller brand that is not on the list, then it's always best to check the manufacturer's guide. 


We spoke to Alice Snow, Home Economist at Smeg, who provided easy steps for a variety of their ovens.  

"For range cookers with manual controls, you’ll see five keys at the front of the appliance. These consist of the minute minor key, the cooking duration key, the end of cooking key, and the decrease and increase key. The time needs to be set in order for the oven to turn on.

On first use, the screen will show 0:00 digits. Press the cooking duration key and the end of the cooking key at the same time. Once the dot in the display flashes, it’s then possible to set the time using the increase and decrease keys. Wait for the flashing dot to go idle. The cooking duration key illuminators will indicate that the oven is ready to be used", says Alice. 

If you own one of Smeg's Victoria ovens, she advises you to "hold the left control to the right for three seconds, flick the dial to set the hour, and press in to select. Then flick the dial to select the minutes and then press it once again to set the clock." 

And for Smeg's VIVO model, it's even easier thanks to touch controls. Alice recommends "lightly touching the time in the top right-hand corner of the display screen; this will bring up the time adjustment settings. Scroll for the desired hour, then scroll to the desired minute. Press the tick in the bottom right-hand corner to confirm your choice."


Lucy Bye, Group Marketing Manager at Bosch, has provided five top tips for setting the clock on your oven. With this method, you should be able to select the correct time on your Bosch oven quickly and easily. 

1. Press the 'menu' button 

2. Select 'basic settings' from the options

3. Click on 'time' to access the time settings

4. Use the control ring or dial (depending on the model of your oven) to adjust the time 

5. Save your changes by pressing the 'menu' button and selecting 'save'

Lucy also noted that your Bosch oven must be switched on to set the clock, so make sure that it's not an electrical issue at hand. It's important to note that your Bosch oven must be switched on for you to set the clock. If the oven isn't turned on, the clock won't have power, and you won't be able to set the time.

Also, if your oven has been switched off at the mains due to a power cut or to save energy, the clock will need to be reset. If you have trouble setting the clock, you can refer to your Bosch oven's manual for guidance. Alternatively, you can contact the Bosch customer service hotline for assistance.


The advice across the board for changing the time on your oven is largely similar, which is great for remembering the process if you switch brands. Yooshin Kim, Senior Engineer at LG, has given us their top tips on how to change the time on an LG oven to make it as simple as possible.  

1. Press the 'Clock' button on the control panel  

2. Enter the time 

3. Press “Start” to accept the change.

It's also useful to note that the default clock on an LG oven is in a 12-hour format. To select a 24-hour format, go into the oven’s 'Setting' menu and toggle through until ‘CLO 12’ is shown on display. Then, press '1' to toggle between a 12 or 24-hour format, then press 'Start' to accept the change.

What if the clock on your oven still isn't working?

Sometimes, the clock on your oven changing or not working is a symptom of a larger problem. Before you try to change it, it's always best to first diagnose the cause of the failure to ensure it's not evidence of a larger issue.

We recommend checking your fuse box or circuit breaker to see if there's an electrical fault and if something may have triggered it. If this doesn't fix the clock or turn your oven back on, you should contact a professional electrician who can get to the bottom of the complication. 

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