How to clean steam mop pads

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Purchasing a steam mop with reusable mop pads is a smart choice both for the environment and your own wallet, but do you know how to clean steam mop pads properly? To get the most out of even the best steam mops and avoid trashing them before you need to, make sure that you’re cleaning them like the professionals do, with our simple step-by-step guide.

We also ask a full time cleaner who uses a steam mop in her day to day cleaning work in domestic and commercial properties, how she cleans her steam mop pads, so you too can learn how to clean steam mop pads the way that the pros do.

How to clean steam mop pads

We’ve put together an easy to follow guide for how to clean steam mop pads. Just follow along to spruce yours up:

1. Check the washing instructions

Before you start cleaning your steam mop pads make sure that you read the manufacturer's cleaning instructions if they are given. One example of how this could affect how to clean steam mop pads is that it may have instructions related to the material the pads are made from. They are often made from cotton or microfibre; if they are microfibre then it’s best to completely avoid fabric conditioner as it can make the microfibre much less absorbent. 

2. Pop into the washing machine

Put your steam mop pads into a washing machine, setting the machine to a hot cycle setting in order to kill any bacteria on them. 

What the expert says...

Professional cleaner, Kaylie Ross, lets us in on how to clean steam mop pads like a pro: “I use steam mops all the time. I wash them in the washing machine with some white vinegar to keep them clean. I’ve always tumble-dried them and they seem fine but air dry if you’re concerned about shrinkage.”

3. Pour in your detergent

Add your detergent or cleaning agent to the washing machine drawer. Professional cleaner, Kaylie Ross, uses white vinegar as a cleaning agent as it has antibacterial properties due to containing acetic acid. Others use baking soda or laundry detergent. 

4. Remove and leave to dry

Let the washing do its work. Once the spin cycle is complete you will need to dry your steam mop pads. Kaylie advises that her steam mop pads withstand being tumble dried. You can choose to tumble dry, preferably on a delicate setting, or air dry if you are concerned that they may be prone to shrinkage.

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