How to make your home look expensive

How to make your home look expensive: image of living room
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Have you been wondering how to make your home look expensive? Luckily, we’ve got a few top tips that will help you make your space look more expensive, and more luxurious, in no time. And the best thing? You don’t have to spend a fortune to reap these brilliant rewards either.

There are many ways to make your home look more expensive – as you’ll see from our top tips below.  But to make sure you get the high-end finish you’re after, we'd suggest you consider using one of the best interior design software programs which will enable you to see how your designs fit together before you make any amendments to your home. That’s because these clever software programs let you visualize in 3D format how all the different elements of your room can fit together, and enable you to try out different furniture and designs before you begin your renovations. To find out how to make your home look expensive, keep reading.

How to make your home look expensive

1. Add some statement lighting

Though it might not be the first thing you think to tick off your home makeover list, the lighting of your home can make a crucial difference to its overall look. Lighting can make your home look more expensive in an instant by creating an unmistakable luxurious ambiance. 

Whether it’s a hanging shade, standing lamp, LED light strips or a wall light, you can add a high-end looking finish to your home through the use of these clever lighting finishes. They’ll create a cozy vibe, bring attention to certain areas and give your space a lavish finish. What more could you want?

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2. Mirror, mirror on the wall

One way how to make your home look expensive? By making it look bigger. And you can make your space look bigger through the use of mirrors. In particular floor-length mirrors – and the more the merrier.

It might be one of the oldest tricks in the book of interior hacks, but mirrors will reflect the light, create the look of an increased square footage and open up any room, no matter how small it really is. Plus, you don’t have to part with hundreds of dollars to get the desired lavish look. Just make sure you hang one – or more – in every room.

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3.  Incorporate an accent chair

You might be on a low budget, but you can still create a high-budget look with an accent chair in your living room or bedroom. So what are you waiting for? Fill an open area or awkward-shaped space with an inviting armchair, chaise lounge, or a small seat for one.

Be bold and pick your chair in a pop of color or one that has a print. By doing this, you’ll make it look like one of the main focal points of the room and you’ll soon wonder how you lived without it. Whether you save on the other pieces in the room, and splurge on a more expensive chair, just make sure you choose an option that takes your space to new heights.

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4. Mix and match your textures

There’s a whole host of homeware furnishings to choose from, each of which come in a range of textures. The trend of the moment seems to be boucle. But you could always incorporate picture frames with wooden finishes, throws made from faux-fur, jute rugs and woven-fabric cushions

Texture is key when it comes to how to make your home look expensive. And it’s a super easy trick that requires minimal budget and maximum output.

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5. Invest in some candles

Whether you place them in your bathroom, bedroom, living space or hall, candles can create a high-end feel. Some candles cost just a few bucks, but the look and smell of them can add an expensive smelling aroma to your space.

Plus, in the colder months, they can add warmth to any room and help you get a gentle glow on. What’s not to love?

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Show off your personality and add some color to your walls without having to pick up a paintbrush. Maybe you already have some art collecting dust in the attic or stored away in the garage waiting to be hung. Well, now is the time to do it.

Hanging up art or pictures of you and your loved ones is an easy way to fill a space and create a premium feel. You can mix up your prints and hang them in a ‘messy’ fashion, or put them up in straight lines for a cleaner finish. 

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7. Make small changes 

Maybe you’ve been wanting to upgrade your kitchen, your wardrobes or your bathroom cupboards but can't quite afford to spend the money. However one of the most convenient (and cost-effective) ways of giving your home an expensive-looking revamp, without having to part with hundreds of dollars, is to switch up the small details.

 Take off any unwanted handles and replace them with some fancier looking versions, to give old furniture a fresh and pricy feel.

8. Get rid of clutter

Nothing can kill the vibe of your happy place more, then masses of clutter. Say goodbye to unused items, unsightly ornaments, mounting toys or paperwork by purchasing some cupboards or storage units that will help your clutter levels to a minimum. Plus, by clearing any clutter away, it will give your room a bigger feel. 

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9. Go for gold

Is there anything more expensive looking that gold-finishes? We think not. For years this precious metal has portrayed the color of wealth and luxury and there’s no signs of this trend slowing down.  

So, max out and upgrade your interior with touches of gold finishes. It could be a gold candle holder, pretty ornaments or old picture frames you’ve spray painted in the color. It will add touch of splendor in every corner of your home.

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10. Update your windows

One of the last ways of wow to make your home look expensive? Create a bit of drama by adding some lavish-looking floor-length curtains. 

Easy, breezy sheer curtains are trending right now and they offer a pretty affordable way to dress your windows without parting with too much cash. While heavier patterned options might be more suitable for the changing season. But either way, floor-length curtains will create a more expensive-looking space without much effort involved.

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