How to print on Macbook

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Wondering how to print on Macbook? You've come to the right place. 

There’s a whole host of programs and software like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Acrobat that you can use to send images and documents to your compact printer from your Apple Macbook. But perhaps the easiest and most convenient way is to use the built-in Preview app that comes with your Macbook. This is certainly the case if you don’t have any other apps installed on your machine or you don’t have an Internet connection to download any third-party software. 

Here’s how you can use the Preview app on your Apple Macbook to print to your best compact printer.

 Print with preview 

Open up your Macbook and connect to your best compact printer by plugging in the USB cable and turning it on or connecting wirelessly via WiFi or NFC. Now you need to find the image or document on your Macbook that you’d like to print. Right-click it (Ctrl+Left Click) and choose 'Open With>Preview', this will also be set as the default so double-clicking the thumbnail of your image or document will also open it into the Preview app.

Now go to 'File>Print' to bring up the printer options. Click 'Show Details' to bring up all of the printing options, then click the printer dropdown list and make sure your printer is selected. 

Before you print your image or document make sure the 'Paper Size' is set correctly, so set it to A4 if you’re planning on using standard A4 copier paper. Alternatively, change it to a different format if needed and make sure the orientation is set correctly to 'Portrait' or 'Landscape'. If you’re printing a document, you also have the option to print all of the pages. Or, if you only need a small selection of the pages you can click the 'From' option and insert the first and last page number you’d like to be printed in your selection.

Finally, you have options to auto rotate and scale. Scale will make your document larger or smaller depending on the percentage you enter, while 'Scale to Fit' will make sure the picture is being printed as large as possible on your chosen paper format. You also have the option to 'Print Entire Image' or 'Fill Entire Paper'. You can also choose how many copies of each page you’d like to be printed. All that’s left is to hit the 'Print' button to finish.

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