I'm a product reviewer - these are the 9 best outdoor finds from Amazon Prime Day

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Now that the Fall’s version of Amazon Prime Day deals upon us, it’s time to make the most of it and get any and all of the tools or appliances for the yard and garden. From grills to lawn mowers, we’ve gathered the best deals that the online retailer has on offer. It’s the perfect time too, as you’ll be able to take advantage of whatever you order before it gets too cold.

Since not every deal is worth getting as not every product is as good as advertised, I’ve only included products that are as good as the deals attached to them. Since I’ve covered quite a few products, I’ve applied that expertise to get a sense of what products deserve a press on that buy button. With that in mind, I’ve collected these nine deals, including weeding robots, lawn mowers and grills, for your yard or garden.

9 Prime Day outdoor deals

Without further ado, here are our top nine Prime Day outdoor deals.

BBQ & Grill Deals

char-broil Professional 3400S in a large yard

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Robot lawn mower deals

Quietest lawn mower

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Electric lawn mower deals

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Is now a good time to buy outdoor furniture?

This Prime Day is the last opportunity to get a great deal on outdoor furniture and equipment and still enjoy that purchase without waiting a full season or two. Unless you're in Florida, anything you get during Black Friday is probably going to sit in storage until the Spring. So, if you need a new lawn mower or grill, you won't find a better deal than right now.

How do I know that I'm getting a good Prime day deal?

There are a couple things to consider when looking at a Prime Day deal. First, is the discount significant? If you don't mind paying the difference in a week, then it's not. Beyond the discount, you want to make sure what you're getting is worth it even at that lower price so read reviews, whether on here or our sister sites as well as user reviews.

Also make sure that you're getting the right product for your needs. Maybe you don't need top-of-the-line though more expensive products do get a larger discount. Get what's perfect for your needs and budget and you might end up with either something slightly better than what you could usually afford or you might be able to pocket some of what you would have otherwise spent.

Become a Prime member | sign up for free

Become a Prime member | sign up for free

To benefit from Amazon Prime Day outdoor deals you'll need to be a Prime member. If you're a new customer you can get 30-days of Amazon Prime for free which will cover you for the entire event. If you're not particularly keen on signing up long-term; don't forget to cancel before the free trial is up so you don't get charged.


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