Instant Pot Max review

The Instant Pot Max is the brand’s most powerful and expensive multicooker, capable of reaching higher pressures than ever before.

Instant Pot Max review
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As well as combining nine functions in one appliance, the Instant Pot Max is capable of cooking at a sustained pressure of 15 psi. This makes for faster cooking and home canning, meaning you can get even more from your Instant Pot.


  • +

    Highest pressure of all Instant Pots

  • +

    Automatic steam release function

  • +

    Large LCD touch screen

  • +

    Home canning capabilities


  • -


  • -

    Lack of thorough instructions provided

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When comparing the best Instant Pots, the Instant Pot Max stands out due to its ability to sustain pressure at 15psi, meaning it can cook up to 15% faster than other models. Instant Pots are already known for taking long cooking times out of mealtimes, and the Instant Pot Max goes even further to cook your foods in a flash. 

Formerly, pressure as high as 15psi could only be found in stovetop pressure cookers. So if you're used to stovetop pressure cookers and want to convert recipes over into an electric multicooker instead, the Instant Pot Max model is the one for you. Utilizing the higher pressure, the new ‘NutriBoost’ technology also allows the Instant Pot Max to break down your food by creating a boiling motion. This preserves more nutrition and flavor in foods like soups and bone broths.

The ability of the Instant Pot Max to be used for pressure canning is another feature that sets it apart from other multicookers. The process of home canning means that cooks can seal their homemade sauces, jams, meats, and vegetables to preserve them for later use. The Instant Pot Max can hold four pints for canning, which makes it great for sealing up any leftovers from mealtimes.

The improved controls of the Instant Pot Max mean there’s no limit when setting the temperature of your meal, giving you ultimate control over functions like sous vide, which needs very specific conditions. What’s more, you can even set it to operate at your specific altitude, which will be welcome news if you’re used to converting recipes to match your elevation.

The Instant Pot Max goes a long way to impress on the safety front too, with 13 built-in mechanisms to ensure the smooth running of your multicooker. One of these is the automatic steam release button, which means you no longer need to worry about setting the steam release valve in place manually. This gives peace of mind to anyone worried about getting their hands caught in the hot release of steam, or disrupting the pressure cooker by fiddling with the valve.

The Instant Pot Max operates as its name would suggest, and allows you to make the most of your multicooker experience. However, if you don’t think you need all of the customization options this model has available, check out the Instant Pot Lux, which is great for beginners.

Instant Pot Max: Design and accessories

The Instant Pot Max benefits from an aesthetically pleasing interface. Alongside the classic stainless steel exterior, this pot has a large touch screen and dial, which ensures ease of operation besides looking great. The LED interface helpfully alerts you as to what’s happening within your pot: whether your food is pressurizing or not, and what the exact temperature is. Advertised as ‘intuitive operating', it means that you can get to better grips with the pot’s progress. You can also see if the ‘Keep Warm’ function is set to be on, and adjust the device’s altitude and volume settings from there too. 

If you’re a fan of easy clean-up after cooking, the Instant Pot Max is a winner, with a dishwasher-safe inner pot, lid, and steam rack. This model and its packaging are also made from 100% recyclable materials. 

Instant Pot Max

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Instant Pot Max: Performance and size

As previously mentioned, the Instant Pot Max is the most efficient cooker of all of the brand’s models, with its higher pressure settings allowing food to cook even faster, whilst using 70% less energy. So it’s no surprise that this pot is also more powerful, with 1110 watts of power over the usual 1000. 

The Instant Pot Max is only available in a six-quart size, which is the middle-sized option from the brand. This might make it unsuitable for large family homes to use every day, as the quart size tends to reflect the number of meals it can make. If you need to make more portions at mealtimes or to cater to large functions, the Instant Pot Duo Plus in the eight-quart size might be more suitable for you. 

The Instant Pot Max weighs 14.27 pounds and has a width of 12.2 inches and a height of 12.6 inches. As with all Instant Pots, it also has a year-long warranty. 

Instant Pot Max: User reviews 

On Amazon, the Instant Pot Max currently has a 4.7-star rating out of five from 1,984 reviews. It is in the top ten pressure cooking devices on Amazon.

One reviewer commented that the Instant Pot Max was "even better" than the Instant Pot Ultra, as it had "fewer presets and more ability to customize". They also praised the renewed safety features, praising how you "never need to touch the vent". Another said that they would recommend the pot to those with "experience in cooking", as it moved away from relying on preset programs.

Other users found that the provided manual didn’t go far enough to explain the technicalities of the Instant Pot Max, with one saying that there wasn’t sufficient information, "especially for the canning process". Reviewers who owned other Instant Pot models debated on whether the Instant Pot Max was worth the increased price, with one noting they were 'disappointed' it did not have the Wifi capabilities of the Instant Pot Smart Wifi.

Should you buy the Instant Pot Max?

The Instant Pot Max certainly lives up to its name, providing maximum cooking pressure and control when it comes to cooking. Plus, its handy safety features and the touch screen would make it an agreeable addition to any kitchen. It’s certainly worth the investment if you will make the most of its selling points, like being able to pressure can foods.

However, if the price of the Instant Pot Max is a little too steep, there are plenty of more affordable models with all-in-one functions and handy features available, like the Instant Pot Duo Nova.

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