Suddenlink internet review

Suddenlink internet offers the high speed internet of big cities to rural areas that have otherwise been left out

Suddenlink internet review
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If you happen to live in an area that has access to Suddenlink high-speed internet, then we think that Suddenlink is worth considering for your internet and cable needs.


  • +

    Up to 1 Gbps connection

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    Coverage in rural areas


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    Limited to certain states and regions

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Suddenlink internet is a great option if you live in a rural area as this is one of the best internet providers in general but it still connects to otherwise missed out rural locations.

Suddenlink offers truly high speed internet to rural areas of 20 states nationwide but specializes in Texas, West Virginia and Louisiana. Those super speed 1Gbps lines are more for big city use at the time of publishing but expect that roll out wider soon.

There are some limitations on speeds in certain areas which is worth keeping an eye out for, but beyond there there is very little to complain about with Suddenlink internet. So is this the one for you?

If you’re lucky enough to live in one of the areas serviced by Suddenlink’s high speed network then your options start to open up. You can choose between four different packages here, all with different maximum download speeds and prices:

Suddenlink 100: This package offers 100 Mbps download speed starting at $34.99 per month. 

Suddenlink 300: This package offers 300 Mbps download speed starting at $44.99 per month. 

Suddenlink 400: This package offers 400 Mbps download speed starting at $54.99 per month. 

Suddenlink 1 Gig: This package offers 400 Mbps download speed starting at $74.99 per month. 

One interesting thing to note about Suddenlink 1 Gbps is that it comes with a price for life guarantee, meaning that your monthly payments will never be increased so long as you stay subscribed to this service. CenturyLink Internet offers this too. There’s a double edged sword here though, as we have no idea how good a 1GB connection will be in the future, but this could offer big savings in the long term.

Suddenlink also offers TV packages through its parent company Altice, so if you’re looking to get cable and internet together then you can find some even better deals there. The TV deals come with access to the vast majority of the major channels including NBC, CBS, ABC, The Disney Channel and Cartoon Network. Finally, Suddenlink Internet plans also come with access to Cheddar, an online news network, and CuriosityStream, an online streaming service filled with exclusive content.

These packages aren't quite as tempting as the ones over at Comcast Xfinity, but they're still quite competitive.

Suddenlink internet

(Image credit: Suddenlink)

Suddenlink internet is fast and as such it's made it onto the Netflix Speed Index for the US. The position isn't so impressive, at ninth. But that still places it in the second grouping out of four so it's better than a lot.

Unlike with many other providers, Suddenlink does not have an FCC rating based on a study carried out by the commission. It does, however, have a document available online with complaints from customers about getting lower speeds than advertised, with over 400 items noted. 

ConsumerAffairs gives Suddenlink a rating of just under four stars out of five based on 1,349 customer ratings this year making it one of the best services out there on the ratings website. One bad review, from Steven of Rimrock, AZ, said: "Suddenlink is the only internet provider in our area. We now pay $93.49/mo for what is supposed to be 15 Mbps speed."

A positive review, from Kristen of Amarillo, TX, said: "Everyone is very nice in person or on the phone. They answer questions, seem happy with their jobs, always make sure I'm taken care of before I get off the phone or leave the office. Very nice, cordial, respectful."

While its coverage is still limited to less than half of US states, Suddenlink offers an excellent service to the towns and cities that it does reach. Pricing is competitive and the speeds that it can reach are some of the fastest you’ll find anywhere in the world. For those who can't get it, someone like HughesNet might be the answer.

The fact there are no data caps, no contracts and a price for life all add to the appeal. We’d definitely recommend Suddenlink, especially if you’re looking to buy cable TV at the same time. 

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