Singtrix Party Bundle review

The Singtrix Party Bundle is the perfect party karaoke machine for anyone that wants to get really involved in the show.

Singtrix Party Bundle

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The Singtrix Party Bundle is slick but feels more focused on voice effects than providing the full karaoke experience.


  • +

    Special voice effects

  • +

    All parts included in package

  • +

    Easy to use


  • -

    Lacks screen and some connection options

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The Singtrix Party Bundle, aka Singtrix SGTX1, seen on TV shows like Shark Tank and Ellen, is a karaoke machine that's great for parties and especially for those who love dressing up their singing performances with hundreds of special effects. 

The karaoke system’s bundled amp with subwoofer, microphone stand and effects board are designed to enhance your singing experience, but its lack of a monitor and limited connectivity options leave something to be desired as far as a karaoke-centric experience is concerned.

So while it's not the best pure karaoke experience out there, we still think the Singtrix Party Bundle is one of the best karaoke machines out there for a complete party experience,

Singtrix Party Bundle review: Design and build

The best karaoke machines in our comparison, such as the VocoPro Karaoke Rock-On Roller, make portability a priority. They also provide a wide array of connectivity options for both song sourcing and external device connection. 

The Singtrix provides the bare minimum when it comes to connections. That means both for song sourcing and for external device connections. This is a bit of a closed system where you get all you need but then don't have the option to expand out for more.

Singtrix SGTX1

(Image credit: Singtrix)

For the most part it overlooks all of that and focuses on aesthetics and less-important features like interchangeable face plates for the backlit special effects unit.

Singtrix Party Bundle review: Features and performance

There is no way to use the microphones without connecting them to the box. The effects console does have standard options like echo and pitch correction, but also some unusual and ridiculous ones, like voice-morphing, gender swapping, Trippy Hippy, Prank Caller and Ne-Hao! Klan.

Only one microphone is included in the bundle; if you want two, additional mics run you $50 a pop. When both mics are plugged in, the first one is automatically set as the lead mic with the second as a backup, so you can’t have a true duet experience with Singtrix.

While the Singtrix Party Bundle looks cool and gives an air of professionalism to your performance, the system is bulky and a fuss to set up and transport. Furthermore, mics must be plugged into the effects console, which is then plugged into the amp, and both have to be plugged into a power source separately.

Only the first microphone gets pitch-correction, harmonies and the “hit” effect. The second doesn’t get any of that, though it can access reverb, delays and dynamic EQ.

Should you buy the Singtrix Party Bundle?

If you want a system that’s more focused on enhancing your performance than extensive connectivity options and other standard karaoke functionality, that’s what the Singtrix Party Bundle does well. It’s everything you need to amplify and enhance your voice and look cool singing, all in a slick package.

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