King 3K2407BW review

The King 3K2407BW baseboard heater offers quiet, and reliable heat for all areas of your home whilst looking good too.

King 3K2407BW review
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The King 3K2407BW is a stylish and sleek baseboard heater which is perfect for use in all rooms from the basement to the bedroom. It has an easy installation process and also runs quietly when in action.


  • +

    Sleek modern design

  • +

    SureStop safety feature

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    Quality components used


  • -

    No built in thermostat

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Electric baseboard heaters such as the King 3K2407BW offer an economical way to provide heat. They’re ideal for use in houses, apartments, garages, and even offices because of their initial low cost and easy on-going maintenance.  

We think the King 3K2407BW is one of the best baseboard heaters for basements since a baseboard heater is a great addition to any room where heating may be an issue or where perhaps you’ve already completed your home renovation and can’t hook up that room to the heating system.

The King 3K2407BW looks good too, it comes with a baked enamel finish in either white or almond white colors, with additional rounded edges for safety. It’s also wall-mounted so you can be sure that you won’t trip over it like you may do if you’re currently using a portable heater. 

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King 3K2407BW baseboard heater: What you need to know

The King 3K2407BW is an American made baseboard heater that has been designed to provide efficient primary or supplementary heat for use in residential or commercial properties. It measures 3-feet long and uses 208/240 volt electricity, which in turn will provide 570/750 watts of electric heat depending on the voltage you’re able to receive at the installation site. It offers quiet operation, making it the ideal solution for bedrooms.

This baseboard heater doesn’t come with a built-in thermostat, so you will need to purchase that separately.

The heater does give you the option of either a single or double pole thermostat; a single pole thermostat doesn’t have an off switch, instead, you have settings from low to high and if the thermostat is set at the lowest point and the temperature falls below that, the heater will go off. A double pole thermostat has an actual off setting so you can switch it off regardless of the room temperature. It’s worth researching which type of thermostat suits your needs before you install the baseboard heater.

The King 3K2407BW baseboard heater also comes with a limited one-year warranty. 

King 3K2407BW baseboard heater review

(Image credit: Home Depot)

King 3K2407BW baseboard heater: Features

The King 3K2407BW baseboard heater is perfect for rooms that may be lacking wall space, at 3-feet long we think that it’s sleek, modern, and perfect for contemporary interiors. It has the added bonus of a dent-resistant die form cover so even after years of use it’ll still look as good as new in your home. Despite its very reasonable price tag, this baseboard heater is made up of quality components such as aluminum to ensure that this heater continues to provide reliable heat for a long time. 

It uses traditional convection heating which takes in the air from the room at the bottom and pushes hot air through the top. It also has the added design feature of a crush-proof ribbon aluminum fining. This is compression welded to the heating element to provide a chimney style flue for optimum heat-transfer, which is great because when you’re cold, who wants to wait ages for the room to heat up?

You can also feel safe when using this product thanks to the SureStop high-temperature limit feature. This will shut the power off to the unit if it gets too hot to stop it from overheating. 

The unit has been made with easy installation in mind, whilst you do have to purchase the thermostat separately, you can install them on either the right or left end of the baseboard heater depending on your space. 

King 3K2407BW baseboard heater: User reviews

The King 3K2407BW received excellent reviews with many users stating that this is a good quality baseboard heater that will last. People also commented on how good it looks and are happy with the aesthetics of the design. 

Having the option of choosing which thermostat to use and it being able to be wired to either end was also something that users loved.

However, on the flip side, there were a few reviews about how the only thing stopping this from being one of the best baseboards on offer is that it doesn’t have the built-in thermostat. 

Should you buy the King 3K2407BW baseboard heater?

The King 3K2407BW baseboard heater heats up spaces quickly and efficiently so it's ideal for all living and working areas. If having a built-in thermostat is something that you would prefer, then consider an alternative model. Overall, the King 3K2407BW baseboard heater offers good value for money and its one-year warranty gives you peace of mind. 

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